Attacked and killed Pakistan military personnels in Pasni and Parom. BLF

(Daily Sangar )Gwahram Baloch claimed the responsibility of attacks on Pakistan army.On Saturday afternoon, in Sorain area of Parom district Punjgur, BLF fighters ambushed 3 military vehicles of Pakistan army with heavy and automatic weapons, due to which 2 vehicles were damaged, several military personnels in the vehicles were killed and injured.

Spokesperson appealed to the inhabitants of Parom to keep away from Army convoys, check-points, camps and ceremonies, Baloch fighter will attack them in any time.

Various state sponsored death squads' member are forcing the locals to participate in state ceremonies, they have been identified, they should stop doing this or else, they will be responsible of their losses.

Gwahram Baloch further added, on the same day, army check-post of Nali, Shadi Kaur area of Pasni district Gwadar, was attacked with a sniper rifle through which one military personnel was killed.