Baluchistan becomes unsafe zone for political activists due to forces operations: BSO-Azad

(Daily Sangar) Baluch Students Organization-Azad (BSO-A) pays rich tribute to the two senior members of BSO-Azad Kolowah Zone, Sadiq Baluch and Shakir Baluch, and a Baluch National Movement (BNM) member, Majeed Baluch, including one other martyred Baluch individual, said BSO-Azad spokesperson.

BSO-Azad spokesperson said that Baluch youth is sacrificing their life for the future, independence and prosperity of Baluch nation. Spokesperson added that there is complete freedom for peaceful struggle in all laws of the world, but the peaceful political activists and the common people, who have emotion for the national independence as the sympathisers, are on the target of state forces in Baluchistan.

The illegal arrest and custodial killing in Kolowah on previous days once again proved that the Pakistani forces have finally decided to finish the progressive people of Baluch society and to push the society towards ignorance and the religious extremism. But it has been decided that the awakened Baluch people, especially Baluch youth, will resist the policies of the occupier state on every front.

BSO-Azad spokesperson pays salute to the martyred political activists of Kolowah, and said that the age of martyrs were 17 to 25, who belonged to one family. Martyr Shakir Shad was the information secretary and Martyr Sadiq, 17, was the unit secretary of BSO-Azad Kolowah Zone.

Due to brutal military operations of the state forces, Baluchistan has become unsafe for political activists and for those people who have awareness about slavery. From Gwadar to Quetta, common people have become unsafe due to military operations of daily basis and violation of social values by the state forces. For last two days, forces have taken the majority areas of Shaal (Quetta) under siege and have illegally entered in thousands of houses, said BSO-Azad spokesperson.

In the Shaal operation, forces have imposed unannounced curfew for more than 24 hours in the military-operation-hit areas. But the media, despite doing unbiased reporting in the military-operation-hit areas, committed professional dishonesty by doing biased reporting like reporting of the previous military operations in Baluchistan, and remained dependent on the statements of the state forces.

BSO-Azad spokesperson said that neither the news of rural areas nor the urban areas of Baluchistan are sent to the common people through the Pakistani media, because those news stories are related to state barbarism.

BSO-Azad spokesperson termed the silence of the international institutions over the state barbarism as an irresponsible act, and said that they should break their silence and should play their role for the peaceful solution of Baluch issue.