Balochistan: 4 killed, 4 abducted and 6 released by military

(Daily Sangar)on 31 July 2017, from Hoshab district Kech, Balochistan Hanif Faqir, resident of Hoshab district Kech has been abducted by the Pakistani security forces.

Pakistani security forces started a military operation in Kenechi, Chumbar and Karki villages of Kolwah district Awaran on 29 July 2017 which is still ongoing.

During the operation, two gunship helicopters started intense shelling on the mountains of Kenechi area, locals say.

Security forces, during house-to-house search, beaten up and tortured the villagers. After looting all the valuables from the houses, including several motorbikes of the civilians, forces built a bunker in the area.

Four civilians have been killed, including two brothers, Shakir Shad Yar Mohammad and Hasil Yar Mohammad. Others killed were Sadiq Soben, residents of Kenechi Kolwah and Majid Razai resident of Kolwahi Bazar Apsor, Turbat district Kech, Balochistan. The area is still under military siege.

On 30 July 2017, from Nizrabad, Tump district Kech, Balochistan, Intelligence agencies abducted Mohsin Nabi Bakhsh, Bahad Nazir and Hashim Mohammad residents of Nizrabad Tump, Balochistan.

Mohsin Nabi Bakhsh and Hashim Mohammad were released after few hours but Bahad is still missing.

On 29 July 2017, security forces abducted Sajid Murad from his house in Shapuk district Kech, Balochistan. Sajid Murad works in UAE. His mother passed away recently and he came to attend the funeral.

On the same day, from Ahori area district Awaran, security forces abducted Mohammad Adam resident of Ahori district Awaran, Balochistan.

All the abductees have been shifted to unknown locations and their whereabouts are still unknown to their families

On 30 July 2017, Pakistani intelligence agencies raided a house and abducted Noor Ahmed Abdul Karim in Sari kahn, Turbat district kech, Balochistan, after several hours of torture, he was released at night

On 29 July 2017, two students, 14 years old Ali Lal Mohammad and 16 years old Shanawaz Abdul, residents of Palleri district Gwadar Balochistan have been released. They were abducted on 8 April 2017 by the intelligence agencies from the their houses.

Previously abducted by Pakistani security forces, Pir Bakhsh Jamal resident of Askani district Kech, Balochistan, has been released. He is originally from Hoshab district Kech, Balochistan. He left his home town and came to Askani area as there were continued military operations and harassment in Hoshab.

All the residents of Askani area migrated from Gwarkop, Hoshab, Kolwa and other areas of Kech, due to the continued military operations in their hometowns.