Balochistan: Eight killed in Kohistan Marri and Dera Bugti offensives

(Daily Sangar) Pakistani FC and army have been carrying out joint military offensives in Dera Bugti and Kohistan Marri region of Balochistan from past three consecutive days. At least eight people including two children and two women have been killed and several others wounded.The Pakistani army and para military have laid a siege around different areas including Jannatali Lop, Sekhain, Galo, Padkae, Soren Kaor and Seyahkoh, and started a search operation in the besieged areas.

The ground forces opened indiscriminate firing at unarmed civilians whereas the helicopters continued shelling on villages killing at least six people including two children, two women and two men. Several other people have been wounded.

The Pakistani forces have also abducted at least five innocent persons during their offensives. The identity of the killed abducted people could not be ascertained immediately.