Balochistan: Two killed, Three abducted and Three released by military

(Daily Sangar) on 18 August 2017, Pakistani security forces stared a military operation in district Kohlu, Balochistan.

During the operation forces conducted a House-to-House search operation, beaten up the women and children. After looting all the valuables from the houses, forces burnt them down in to ashes. Forces also launched a deadly assault of bombing and firing on innocent civilians, in which one civilian identified as Ilahi Jan Sherani Marri was killed.

On 17 August 2017, security forces started shelling with Gunship Helicopters on Shenzdan area of Balgatar, district Kech, Balochistan. Due to heavy shelling on innocent civilians a women identified as Sabeeda Allah Bakhsh got killed.

On 17 August 2017, forces raided a house in Soro Bazar of Mand, district Kech, Balochistan. After torturing the women and children of the house, forces abducted a Mechanic identified as Akbar.

Naseem Baloch

Jasim Mohammad Bakhsh

Separately from the same area of Soro, forces raided a shop and abducted 15 years old Jasim s/o Mohammad Baksh, Lala Munir and Mohammad Hussain residents of Gawak, Mand district Kech, Balochistan. After two days on 19 August 2017, all three of them have been released.

On the other hand forces abducted a minor Baloch student from Turbat, Kech, Balochistan. Who is identified as Naseem Baloch s/o Sakhi Dad.

On the same day forces raided a shop in Banjai Bazar district Panjgur Balochistan and abducted Allah-E-Dad resident of Gichk, district Panjgur, Balochistan.

All the abductees have been shifted to the unknown location and still their whereabouts are unknown to their families.