Rich tribute to Baloch Martyrs, Mannan Baloch bravely fought against the enemy and embraced martyrdom ,blf

(Daily Sangar)Balochistan Liberation Front's spokesperson Gwahram Baloch, in a statement said that, on 18th and 19th August Pakistani Army surrounded thousands of villages in Noshki’s Doosa and surrounding areas using Gunship helicopters and hundreds of military vehicles and sent SSG commandos. Helicopters shelled and bombarded, In which many people including women and children were injured and many were abducted, While an innocent civilian, Mama Siddique, son of Graham, was martyred. Meanwhile, the BLF and the Baloch Liberation Army's fighters, jointly attacked  to defend the general population and killed seven Pakistani military personnel and wounded several. In this clash, BLF fighter Abdul Mannan aka Saki s/o Ghulam Rasool was martyred. We offer red salutes to both of the Martyrs. We pay a rich tribute for Mannan Baloch’s precious services, which were in Baloch national interest, he fought against national slavery, fought bravely against the enemy and embraced martyrdom. He has been associated with the movement since 2006 and has served national services in Kharan and Noshki. His services will be remembered in the Baloch national history.