We prefer death over slavery: Dr Allah Nazar

(Daily Sangar) Baloch nationalist leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch has said the Baloch people would prefer death over slavery.
 “Pakistan Army has planned a military operation throughout Balochistan particularly Kalat & Makuran. PAF jets & helicopter gunships are ready. They may start this brutal military campaign tomorrow as they are doing it routinely,” he said in a tweet.
A day after his tweet, Pakistani jets launched a bloody operation in Kolwah, which continues to date.
 “Pakistan Army has intensified the Baloch Genocide because of the criminal silence of the UN and other claimants of human right,” he said in another tweet.
In a military operation in Noshki, an innocent civilian, Mama Siddique was killed. A BLF-fighter, Mannan Baloch aka Saaqi, was also killed. “Today Pakistani helicopters hit a shepherd's home in Noshki. One killed & one injured. Amnesty international and other Human Rights organizations should take notice of such crimes and Baloch Genocide,” said Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch.
In other tweets about the military operations in Keelkaur area of district Panjgur and district Kech, he said, “Yesterday evening Pakistan Army helicopters' shelling killed one woman and injured several others in a village in Keelkaur area of district Panjgoor, Balochistan”. And “Pakistan Army helicopters shelling over Thal village in Kech killed two youngsters. Freedom loving world must take notice of inhumane crimes.”
Regarding the state-backed religious extremists, he said: “Pakistan Army is using religious extremists against Baloch people. One of our senior leaders Abid Zamurani killed by them. We are fighting against these lunatics at the cost of our lives. World powers should help us fighting religious extremism.”
About the role of Punjab in the Baloch genocide, the Baloch leader tweeted: “Most Punjabis are either involved or complicit on Baloch genocide. It isn't only the generals as Punjabi soldiers belong to the common families. Even Punjabi intellectuals provoke the army to exterminate the Baloch. Except for few countless articles in Pakistani papers prove the fact.”
He said he and his people would fight this war till its destination. “We prefer death over slavery. It may take more time but we shall compel Pakistan to quit Balochistan.”