Over a dozen people Including women and children killed on the Harnai offensive

(Daily Sangar)Pakistani army backed by gunship helicopters have been continuing their offensives in Shahrag and Harnai regions of Balochistan from past three days. More than a dozen people including four women, four children, and seven men were killed in Shahrag during Pakistani forces airstrikes.

According to details, Pakistan forces had re-escalated their offensives in many areas of Bolan including Shahrag, Harnai, Peer Ismael and other surrounding areas since 28 August 2017. The latest offensives continued uninterrupted in past three days.

The affected areas have been cordoned off and blocked for media access even the resident have been prevented from leaving their houses. The innocent stranded residents trapped inside their houses including women, children and elderly suffered the worst form of brutalities.

(Thursday) morning the Pakistani forces indiscriminately bombed several localities and destroyed many houses of innocent people. Over a dozen people including women and children have been killed and at least five others have been wounded during the airstrikes and ground forces attacks.

Meanwhile, a Pakistani English daily newspaper ‘Dawn News’ reported that the Pakistani forces claimed to have killed 10 ‘militants’ who according to Pakistani officials were involved in subversive activities in the region.

However, local reports completely contradict the claims of Pakistani forces. It has been confirmed that among the victims of today’s brutal attack is a five-month-old infant child of Chakar Marri. At least four women three of whom have been identified as Bibi Makhmal, Khat Khatton, and Bibi Bano, and a teenage girl Mino Bibi and another minor named Jaffar are also among today’s victims.

The deceased men included three brothers named as Dilwash Marri son of Washo Marri, Afzal Marri son of Washo Marri and Rahmdil Marri and Washo Marri. While the other victims have been identified as Yar Mohammad aka Yara Chalgari Marri, Bangul Marri son of Haji Banzo Marri, Kaalo Marri and Leemo Marri.

Pakistani forces are carrying out such attack in several other districts including Awaran, Khuzdar, Kohlu, Dera Bugti, Turbat and Gwadar at a time when the Muslims world is busy preparing the Eid-ul-Adha, an annual Islamic festival.

At least another four dead bodies were brought to a hospital in Harnai late in the evening. The identity of the dead bodies has not been ascertained so far as their faces are mutilated beyond recognition.

The source from Quetta also said that most of the victims belong to Chalgari sub-tribe of Marri tribe, four women and children were killed during bombardment on Yara Marri’s house who reportedly include the wife and a daughter of Yara Marri.