Many abducted, house of folk singer occupied by military in Balochistan

(Daily Sangar) House to House search operation & abduction of civilians became a daily routine in Balochistan.

 Tehsil Dasht district Kech, on 07 September 2017, Pakistani security forces started a house-to-house search operation in “Bal Cross”, “Bal Negwar”, and “Kuros Tank” areas.

During these operations, three civilians were abducted, namely Mula Saleem, Hakeem Yaqoob and Zahid Qadir, residents of Rek Kaheran, Dasht district Kech, Balochistan

The father of Mula saleem was abducted along his three brothers, two weeks ago and they are still missing.

During these house raids women and children were severely beaten by forces, according to reports.

The house of a famous Baloch folk singer Pahlawan Basham has been vacant and occupied by military on 06 September 2017.

The family members including small children and women were forced to leave the house.

As per the local sources, security forces looted all the valuables from the house and locked up all the rooms.

Son of the folk singer Nadeem Basham was abducted on 04 December 2016 and till today his whereabouts remain unknown to his family, as like thousands of other Baloch abductees.