Local and international media not playing their due role in Balochistan. BLF

(Daily Sangar) Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) spokesperson Gwahram Baloch in his statement from an undisclosed location, said that all the international and local media except British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) are presenting Pakistani state's stance only, ignoring the real situation in Balochistan and straying the world from the truth. All the print and electronic media are equally involved. We have already mentioned and appealed to the media about improbity that they should play their role by fulfilling their professional responsibilities and bring the worst situation of Balochistan to the world. Gwahram Baloch further added that, we appeal to all the Pakistani media houses in Balochistan that they should change their behavior by sending their representatives in Balochistan, fulfill their duties, defining the real situation. We are giving a period of twenty days to all media houses, otherwise, in terms if they don't change their partial attitude, we will stop the circulation of their newspapers in Baluchistan. Twenty days later, transporters should not carry the newspapers in their cars and sellers stop its distribution. Otherwise, they will be responsible of their loss by their own. Gwahram Baloch appealed to the BBC and said that, BBC Urdu should increase its number of representatives in Balochistan and appoint at least two journalists, along with that BBC English itself should appoint a regular representative in Balochistan. Other media including Voice of America (VOA), are not giving coverage to our stance which is contrary to journalistic principles and is equivalent to yellow journalism. We appeal to all media especially to Voice of America that they should soon take notice of this situation fulfilling their responsibilities, along with Pakistan they should listen our stance too.