"Their first anniversary" Written by Farhan Baloch

As we all know that today is the first martyrdom anniversary of two dearest and bravest sons of Baloch soil. For the sake of Balochistan’s freedom, thousands Baloch have laid down their precious lives. Their exalted sacrifices made them immortal in the pages of history.

I have some memories of two brave freedom fighters who have fought bravely till their last breath to liberate their motherland from the clutches of occupation.

On this day, a year ago, both have left us as they embraced martyrdom during a mission against Pakistani occupying forces in Jhaao, Awaran. One of them was martyr Fida and the other was martyr Gwahram.

Martyr Fida was affiliated with Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), the party that’s fighting for an independent Balochistan. He was the regional commander of the group in Mashkay. He embraced martyrdom along with his fellow Gwahram Baloch during a face-to-face gun-battle with Pakistani occupying forces on October 5th, 2016 in Jhaao, Awaran.

I have spent a memorial day with both before their death. It was in 2016, I and martyr Gwahram Baloch along with other fellows were camping somewhere in Balochistan’s rugged mountains, under the command of martyr Fida. Before we go to sleep, we had made tea and traditional Balochi bread called Corno. We then went to sleep at the hilltop of the mountain. We have chosen that location to survive any expected military aggression.

In winter, the weather at our area becomes too cold and unbearable. It’s impossible to sleep without covering properly. We have used gravels instead of beds and stones instead of pillows. These kinds of extreme difficult conditions have forced many of our shaky fellows to surrender before the enemy. I salute those who didn’t choose to run-away from the battlefield.

We were planning for to pay a visit to another area and we actually went there and stayed for around 15 days. During our stay, the occupying forces have launched a sudden ground and aerial aggression against us. The helicopters gunship started shelling our hideout indiscriminately. Some of our fellows have managed to escape safely but martyr Fida and martyr Gwahram with five other fellows were trapped. We were worried about them as the intensity of shelling was increasing. After an hour, we have heard a sound of a bike approaching towards us. I have seen martyr Gwahram badly injured lying on the bike. I have picked him to the shade. We have inquired about other fellows and the answer was: “They all are fine, no need to worry about them”.

Martyr Gwahram has said: “I am injured, and I know I will not be able to accompany you anymore, send my body to my ancestral town for burial if I have succumbed to my injuries”. Then, I have been asked to bring water and I was heading to the well near to the village. I have seen more than fifty motorcycles and a vehicle. I moved forward and saw the body of martyr Fida. It was like our whole world fell apart. I have lost the faith to walk when I have heard that Gwahram is too no more.

I offer homage and imperishable gratitude to these two braveheart sons of Baloch soil. They were resisting against the occupier and fighting for their fundamental rights.

The Baloch nation has never accepted the occupation and slavery. And thousands of Baloch have sacrificed their precious lives for their national survival.