Threat to Journalists is from Pakistan not Baloch:Dr Allah Nizar

(Daily Sangar)

Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah NazarBaloch said in a statement that we believe in freedom of press and have faith in it but it does not mean that they should present only state’s viewpoint and ignore the Baloch nation’s stance. As a result of continuous struggle and resistance since the occupation, Pakistan has manifested its brutality in a way which is none other than draconian. In this endeavor, all the pillars of state, including media, haveplayed their part justifying and sustaining Pakistani brutality against the Baloch nation. Being a colony, it is expected of Pakistani courts and parliament to justify its atrocities on Baloch people, but journalism is anhonorable profession that works as a mirror to show the real face of the facts to the world. But the customs of the people in Pakistani journalism is so peculiar that they only keep the rulers’ stance in the headlines promoting yellow journalism or acting as their courtiers.

He further said that journalists have no threat from Baloch nationalists because we are a secular, liberal nation that believes in freedom of expression. Many journalists and human rights activists have been killed in Balochistan; the killer hasdirectly been Pakistan or its proxies. Media person Hamid Mir was shot because he invited Mama Qadeer, FarzanaMajeed, Sammi Baloch and youngster Ali Haider to his TV program. Sabin Mahmood was shot dead by the Pakistani establishment twenty minutes later after hosting a program for human rights activistsand the families of Baloch missing personsat her café TF2. Citing these examples he explained that media persons and human rights activists have no threat from freedom living Baloch but from Pakistan.

Dr.Allah NazarBalochcited the examples of government’s coercion of Diclan Walsh, Carlota Gil, Mahvish Ahmed andrecent video messages released on social media by journalists’ organization,he said: it is sufficient to prove how Pakistan treats journalists. Therefore, journalism in Balochistan has no threat from Baloch nationalists but from occupying stateof Pakistan.