Media will be treated the way army being treated: Dr. Allah Nazar

(Daily Sangar)

Baloch nationalist leader Dr Allah Nazar Baloch in response to the Pakistani state's oppression and the silence and partial behavior of media, said that, now we will do whatever Pakistani army is doing to the Baloch nation. We will also demonstrate more stringent reaction to the biased and unilateral policies of the media. He further said that the state institutions especially the media considered the repeated appeals from Baloch organizations as our weakness. Media has continuously been acting like a jubilant spectator that adds insults to the injuries of Baloch.

He said that last night Rangers and secret agencies raided three different locations in Karachi and abducted and disappeared nine Baloch students under the name of arrests. They are aged between eight to twenty five years. During this raid women and children were severely tortured; a woman was thrown from the third floor breaking her vertebrae. Despite passage of several hours, there is neither any news nor any information regarding whereabouts of the missing persons.

He added that the occupying Pakistani state, after constant struggle and resistance of the Baloch nation, has lost its wits and now targeting innocent men, women and children. Whether it is the recent incident of Islamabad University or last night's Karachi raid, the hate and rage being meted out against Baloch nation by Pakistani institutions is beyond repent. The response of Baloch nation will not be different.

Balochistan has been transformed into a prison. Its educational institutes have been turned into military camps and garrisons. In this situation, if people turn towards Karachi and Islamabad for education, they face abduction and violence.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch, once again adopted a tough stand on media, saying that even violence against women and children and abduction of nine students in a large city like Karachi could not get media attention, therefore, the media will not be allowed to continue its work in Balochistan either. It is a question of the lives of nine human beings, but it seems like entertainment for Pakistan and its media engaged in Baloch genocide.

Earlier, the way thousands of missing persons were treated, be the disappearance for years or throwing their bodies after torture to death; the fate of these people may also be the same, but we would like to tell the Pakistani and international media that the limits of the patience of Baloch nation has ended. Baloch freedom fighters will soon come up with new decisions, strategies and line of action. It is Pakistan that is responsible for any kind of loss, not freedom loving Baloch.

He said Balochistan is a colony and as the history of the colonies goes that the way colonizers treated their colonies, the same experiments being repeated in Balochistan. That's why Baloch nation has supported us by responding to the call for freedom. With the courage that Baloch nation holding its ground against inhumane barbarism of Pakistan is unprecedented. Its outcome will solely be independent Balochistan. Finally, he said that we will show strong reaction to the violence against women and the unarmed abducted citizens. The media must redress its policies sooner than later, otherwise it will be treated the same way Pakistani army being treated.