Human rights activist of Balochistan abducted by military in Sindh

(Daily Sangar)

On 27 October 2017, Pakistani Rangers along with intelligent agencies personnel in civil dress, raided the house of Baloch Human Rights Organization (BHRO)’s information secretary in Gulistan-e-johar area of Karachi, the capital city of Sindh, Pakistan.

During the raid forces abducted Nawaz Atta Mohammad, the information secretary of Baloch Human Rights Organization along with eight others,
17 years old Abid s/o Ashraf, Farhad s/o Anwar (17), Sajjad s/o Yar Jan (18), Ulfat s/o Altaf, Aftab s/o Muhammad Younis, Rawat s/o Taj Muhammad, Muhammad Arif s/o Muhammad Younis and Ilyas s/o Faiz Muhammad.


BHRO held a press conference and said it’s a shame to see how the security forces tighten up the ground for human rights activists.

They said Nawaz Atta’s abduction is unacceptable, if he had committed any crime he should be produced before court. BHRO condemned the abduction of others as well and said that all abductees should be released.

BHRO appealed the human rights organizations including Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) to raise their voice against the abduction of Nawaz Atta and the others.

The leadership of BHRO has been continuously harassed and threatened by security forces on its reports of human rights situation of Balochistan. The house of its chairperson, Bibi Gul was burnt by security forces several times.

Meanwhile it was noticed that the media has not shown any interest in reporting the abduction of Nawaz Atta. Even though the press conference was held in Karachi, the most active press club of Pakistan, but there were very few press persons from printing press who attended.

Many human rights activists, journalists have been abducted by security forces in Balochistan and were later found dead. There is a great fear that if human rights mechanisms would delay in taking an urgent action, Nawaz Atta’s fate would be same as of the others.