56 abducted by Pakistan military in Balochistan and Sindh

(Daily Sangar)

56 abductions and forcible disappearance in a few days. The detailed report is as follows:

Nawaz Atta, the information secretary of BHRO, a Balochistan based human rights group, was abducted along with eight others from Karachi on 28 October 2017. The abductees include eight years old Aftab Younis, 17 years old Abid Ashraf, 17 years old Farhad Anwar, 18 years old Sajjad Yar Jan, Ulfat Altaf, Rawat Taj Muhammad, Muhammad Arif Muhammad Younis and Ilyas Faiz Muhammad

On 28 October 2017, security forces abducted six persons from Chitkan and Airport road Panjgur district Panjgur. Abductees are Murshid Muhammed Baksh resident of Chitkan Panjgur, Salim Khuda Bakhsh, Pir Bakhsh Issa, Khaliq Dad Mengal, Asad Jamal and Issa Raza, residents of Gichk Panjgur. Khan Muhammad was abducted by security forces from Faqir Colony district Gwadar and Khalil Faiz Mihammad was abducted from Teerandask area of Dasht district Kech on the same day.

Waris, resident of Kohad Tump district Kech was abducted from Naval Colony Karachi on 27 October 2017.

On 27 Oct 2017, Sadiq Misteri Khan Muhammad was abducted by security forces from Faqir Colony district Gwadar.

On 27 October 2017, ten persons were abducted by security forces from Balgatar District Kech. Abductees are Amin Bahad, Muhammed Jan Abdullah, Hatum Abdullah, Sakhi Dad Shambay, Jumma Karim Bakhsh, Dad Jan Sakhi Dad, Imran Mayar, Riaz Mayar, Saleh Muhammad Mubarak and Abdullah Mubarak.

Zain Babu, a shopkeeper was abducted by security forces from Nizar Abad Tump district Kech on 26 October 2017.

On 25 Oct 2017, two bothers, Ahmed and Muhammad Haibtan were abducted by security forces
from Malir Karachi, the capital city of Sindh.

Security forces abducted Yousuf Mula Dawood from a playground in Mand district Kech on 23 October 2017.

On 22 Oct 2017, security forces from Mundi Gwadar district Gwadar abducted three brothers, Masdak, Abdul Aziz and Muhammad Jan Assa. While Wahag Baiyan and Zahid Gorich, residents of Shapkol Kolwah district Kech were abducted by the security forces in Askani Bazar Aapsar district kech.

On 20 Oct 2017, seven persons were abducted by security forces from Kark-e-Dal, Gichk district Panjgur. Abductees are Khuda Bakhsh Arz Muhammad, Aslam Khuda Bakhsh, Issa Lashkaran, Mubarak Gul Muhammad, Muhammad Jan Dawood, Mazar Mir Khan and Hussain Mir Khan.

On 20 Oct 2017, two teenagers, Qadir Bakhsh Khair Muhammed and Shah Nawaz Jalal Khan, residents of Shuli District Dasht were abducted during a house to house search operation in Bilal Mosque area of district Gwadar.

On 19 Oct 2017, Manzor Gulam Qadir was abducted by security forces in Balgatar district kech, when he was traveling from Kech to Panjgur.

From Thank Shardoui Mashkay district Awaran, on 19 Oct 2017, a 70 years old man, Karim Bakhsh Jumma was abducted by security forces.

On 18 Oct 2017, Ghani Master Liaqat resident of Surag Damb bazar, Bal Negwar Dasht district Kech was abducted by security forces from Zero point Pasni district Gwadar and Yousuf Sarwar and Dad Shah Munir were abducted from during another military operation on same day.

On 17 Oct 2017, security forces abducted Javed Akhtar, residents of Paroom District Panjgur from Malant, Tump district Kech during house to house search operation while the Frontier Corps abducted Arif Rasool Bakhsh from Bostan Pullabad Tump district Kech, during a same kind of military operation on the same day.

As per received reports from Jinnani Bazar in Gadduki-Koh area of Bal Negwar, Dasht district kech, on 16 Oct 2017, Two teenagers, Saghir Hasil and Nadim Ali Akbar were abducted by security forces.

All the abductees are forcibly disappeared by the powerful military and their whereabouts are still undisclosed.