Balochistan: School turned into military garrison, 24 abducted by military

(Daily Sangar)

Pakistani security forces surrounded Bonistan area of District Panjgur on 29 October 2017 and
took over a girls school and house of a local, Naseer and turned the both places into military garrison. Naseer and his family was forced to leave the house, locals say.

Th educational structure and academic activities are severely affected due to continuous military operations.

Another report of a military operation in Gazzi area of Jhaoo has been received. 24 persons were reported abducted and forcibly disappeared during this operation.

According to details, it’s been three days a military operation is ongoing in Gazzi and surrounding areas. Women and children have been taken to military camp and were severely beaten up by forces and then released.

From Gazzi area, Mulla Ibrahim Mulla Yaqub, Alam Kamal Khan, Dr. Naseer Kamal Khan, Shams Musa, Siraj Issa, Miran and Mohammad have been abducted by security forces.

Mehrab Ibrahim, Abdul Karim Yaqub, a shepherd, Nek Mohammad Yaqub, Mohammad Hammal, Karam, Khair Bakhsh Musa, Master Sadiq Musa, Jamal, Lal Bakhsh, Abdullah, Mola Bakhsh Asso, Mohammad, Rashid Lal Mohammad, Qadir Bakhsh Tajo, 13 years old Wahid Omer, 14 years old Akram Din and 80 years old Shah Beg were abducted from Kohadu area of Jhau.

The abductees have been shifted to unknown locations and their whereabouts remain unknown to their families.