BLF announces reconsideration of policies amid “escalation in Pakistani brutalities”

(Daily Sangar)

The spokesman of the organisation, Guharam Baloch, in a statement released here on Sunday said: “to counter escalation in Pakistani state brutalities inflicted on Baloch populace, the BLF is considering bringing changes in few of its policies”.

“Continuous violence on Baloch women and abduction of children and women have made it necessary for Baloch armed organisations to change their policies. Abduction of 9-year-old child from Karachi by Pakistani security forces is a distressing incident, against which every Baloch organisation should act, Guharam Baloch said while talking to media outlets.

Guharam Baloch was referring to abduction of at least 9 Baloch students from Karachi on eve of Friday. The abductees include Human Rights activist and Information Secretary of Baloch Human Rights Organisation, Nawaz Atta. Most of the abductees are under 18 years of age and one as young as 9 years old only.

Guharam Baloch also announced that BLF has decided to support wheel-jam strike call by Baloch National Front, “We have ordered all BLF units across Balochistan to mobilise in order to make the strike successful,” Mr. Guharam Baloch said.

Mr. Guharam Baloch appealed transporters to honour the call by Baloch political organisations. “We realise the strikes might come across as nuisance to businesses, however, it is necessary Pakistani brutalities against helpless children and women are countered with extreme measures.