Teaching Nazar a Lesson Backfired , Ali Kambar

The war in Balochistan has taken a new turn as Pakistani military establishment has started abduction of women and family members of Baloch political activists. I am not a fan of morality in politics and war but such an immoral actions do reflects some realities that Pakistani state has deeply frustrated and seems to be psychologically losing the war in Balochistan.

The abduction of family members is a part of grand design of pressuring Baloch freedom fighters in the name of honour and shame to cave in to increasing state atrocities. But falling such a low as abduction of females will always fireback in Balochistan where the women are considered as the most sacred being enshrined in honour and respect. Therefore, if the purpose of this psychological war is gaining positive result of winning the war in Balochistan, Pakistan army and its military intelligentsia are extremely going in the wrong direction. Such a strategy will only prove it to be more of an evil in the eyes of Baloch who are always ready to fight in the name of honour and civility.

Perhaps, Pakistan army has repeated the mistakes of 2006 when it killed octogenarian Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti in a military raid that ignited a fire in Balochistan and lit the fire of liberation movement that it could neither swallow nor throw out yet. Abduction of women in Balochistan is considered as the lowest of all lows one can fall. Therefore, these recent events must be noted as start of another wave of uprising in Balochitsan freedom movement where the Baloch youth would consider that now there female members are also not safe in Balochistan. It can also force Baloch females to arm themselves and fight along with their brothers in the mountains. Such a scenario could be a nightmare for Pakistani army.

Dr Allah Nazar is known as a man of steel nerves in Balochistan. Even a child knows that he could never be bowed down by such shameful acts by state. He is considered as a leader who has inspired thousands of Baloch youth to fight against injustice and occupation of Pakistan army in Balochistan. The majority of people in Balochistan consider him as de facto leader of Balochistan. He is the undisputed leader of Baloch movement in Balochitsan and symbol of resistance. Only Balach Marri was his calibre in the eyes of people of Balochistan. After Balach he is the leader of the armed as well as political leader in Balochistan’s war against Pakistani occupation. Abduction of his family members by Pakistan army will only strengthen his image a leader who is ready to sacrifice his everything for his nation. Therefore, if Pakistan army thinks that abduction of Allah Nazar’s family members is a psychological tool to win the war in Balochistan, they are extremely mistaken and misled by whoever has designed such a plan.

In the face of increasing atrocities in Pakistan such as action of abduction of women and children, Baloch Liberation Army and Balochitsan Liberation Front have announced to enter an alliance to end  Pakistani occupation. The killing of thousands of innocent Baloch civilian in the hand of Pakistan army has forced Baloch youth to join armed groups as they view Pakistan as an evil force bent upon ethnic cleansing of Baloch and a force engaged in genocide of Baloch people.

In reaction to Pakistan army abduction of Dr Allah Nazr family, hundreds of thousands Baloch have changed their facebook and twitter DPs to Allah Nazar photos to show their solidarity with their leader. A simple search on twitter shows that Dr Allah Nazar popularity has almost quadrupled as his name was used in thousands of tweet and hashtags on twitter. Almost all the leaders in Balochistan and Pakistani intellectual and human right activists have condemned this action of Pakistan military as shameless act. It seems that the move has greatly backfired.

It is high time that Baloch activists must come into actions to highlight and resist such a shameless acts of Pakistan army. Baloch political parties and human right organizations must extend their outreach and be more exclusive to involve and engage all the stakeholders across the globe to highlight barbarity of Pakistani state’s genocide of Baloch people.

It is responsibility of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch to give Pakistan an immediate notice to release Dr Allah Nazar’s family. UNHRC must hold Pakistan accountable as a member engaged in genocide of Baloch people. Baloch activists should force UN to discipline Pakistan by highlighting reporting human rights violation more aggressively.

And the last but not least, all the human loving beings should play their roles to stop Pakistan to torture Baloch political activists and stop genocide in Balochistan.