Formula of cooperation and joint operations adopted with BLA. Gwahram Baloch

(Daily Sangar)

Gwahram Baloch, spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF), in his policy statement said that after a long negotiation of the last three months between the Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) and the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) leadership yielded positive results. The leadership of both organizations has concluded that understanding the critical situation on the ground, formula of cooperation should be adopted for the freedom of Balochistan. We will soon inform all our command and control networks that they begin their joint operations with the BLA across Balochistan. Our goal is the same. There might be differences on various issues among us, but for our greater goal of an independent Balochistan we declare full cooperation. We invite all the pro-independence organizations and hope that they will become part of this partnership. We thank the BLA that they have scaled the grim situation with thoughtfulness and agreed to do what is needed to done.

Gwahram Baloch said that in a lengthy armed struggle as well as the surface politics there might be differences, but it is wise to solve them mutually. For this, the BLF leadership is ready to play every possible role. Just like a few years back, when the BLA’s operational leadership and their other leaders differed on numerous issues, we tried through various means to resolve them. In this effort most people demonstrated seriousness from both sides and today we are ready to operate jointly to get better results. Surely, it is a bad news for the enemy and good news for the Baloch nation.

Gwahram Baloch said that with the unspeakable atrocities that the state is engaged in Baloch genocide, the national unity has become crucial. This can only be achieved with collaboration and trust on each other. The leadership of the BLF is convinced that the Baloch national organizations should form a grand alliance in the future which will confront Pakistan on each front rigorously that would force the enemy to end its occupation of Balochistan. The level of brutality that Pakistan has reached can only be responded with unity and cooperation.