Abduction of Baloch women will make Baloch forces more united and enthusiastic, Chairman BNM

(Daily Sangar)

Chairman of largest pro-independence political group BNM, Khaleel Baloch, has said that abduction of Baloch women and children from Quetta and Karachi will only unite and energize the dispersed Baloch political forces.

In a statement released to media, Khaleel Baloch said: ‘Baloch will defend their women and children at any cost. It is high time we unite all our power and give a strong message to the enemy that their cowardly acts will never be tolerated.’

He said at least 4 women and 15 children have been abducted by Pakistani state forces from Karachi and Quetta in a week.

On 30th October, wife of Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nazar, Fazila Baloch, her daughter Popal Jan and three other women were abducted by state forces from Sariab road Quetta. Baloch leader Aslam Baloch’s sister and her four children were also abducted.

Khaleel Baloch negated claims of Pakistani state, which alleged Baloch women were arrested near Chaman border while en-route to Kandahar.

“This is completely fabricated as all women and children were abducted from residence of Aslam Baloch’s sister in Sariab road Quetta,” Khaleel Baloch said.

He added that Dr. Nazar’s wife was in Quetta for treatment after getting injured during a military operation in Mashkay. She went under a botched backbone operation and was in Quetta for further treatment.

Khaleel Baloch said one reason for targeting Baloch women is to pressurize the Baloch leadership and the second is to stop Baloch women’s positive role in the Baloch freedom struggle. “Baloch women are playing crucial role in Baloch movement after scores of Baloch men were abducted and killed”, said Mr. Khaleel Baloch.

He said Pakistan will never succeed in their evil plans and such tactics will unite and motivate us even further. “We know how to defend our Honor. We might have shown negligence or laziness in past but we will not refrain from any sacrifice now,” the BNM’s Chairman said.