Dr Allah Nazar names ISI informers involved helping wife’s abduction in Quetta

(Daily Sangar)

Balochistan leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch shared different opinions and messages on social networking website twitter, pointing to the ISI informers in a tweet on Quetta incident, he said “Juma Khan (R/O Mashkay) and his brother Zahid were the informers in Quetta incident. Zahid made a deal in ISI custody and got released.”

In another tweet mentioning the head of these informers he tweeted: “ISI and its hired goons Ali Haidar M. Hasani and Mehrullah M. Hasani are involved in abduction of my wife and child & other sisters from Quetta.”

It should be noted that Ali Haidar M. Hasani is running a death squad camp in Mashkay backed by the state. And Mehrullah is Dr Allah Nazar's brother in law, who has surrendered to Pakistan army and has declared a war against BLF. He was a soldier of the armed organization Lashkar-e-Balochistan (LB). Pakistan has tried bring up such people against the Baloch national movement who are the relatives of the leaders. Mehrullah and Rahmatullah the brother of missing Baloch leader Dr. Din Mohammad Baloch, has repeatedly gathered school students in Mashkay and spoke against Allah Nazar and Baloch national movement. Master Rahmatullah was killed by the BLF fighters last year. Pakistan Army has also built a park in name of Rahmatullah in Mashkay.

Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch in one of his tweets mentioned regarding the abduction of innocent children and students by Pakistani forces in Karachi, and said that, “Pakistani forces raided 3 houses in Karachi: tortured and abducted 9 students aged 8 to 25. Thrown a female from 3rd floor injuring vertebrae.”

“Nine Baloch students kidnapped from Karachi and Farah Baloch, a young lady, thrown from third floor. We appeal the amnesty and other human rights organisations to take immediate action because their lives are in immediate danger.”

In reaction to the attack on the journalist in Islamabad, he said that, “I strongly condemn the assault on journalist Ahmed Noorani by hawkish de facto rulers of the state who are claimant of freedom of expression”.

Regarding the ongoing media boycott in Balochistan, he said, “We respect media freedom albeit it doesn't mean it has freehand to publish the govt narrative only & curb Baloch freedom fighters' opinions.”