Sindhi Baloch Forum Resolves to Thwart All Designs to Create Disunity Among Baloch and Sindhi Nations

(Daily Sangar)

London, UK,The destiny of Sindhi and the Baloch nations areintertwined, and the alliance of their national struggles for sovereignty cannot be separated.  This was declared in an extraordinary meeting of Sindhi Baloch Forum (SBF) which was held in London on October 29, 2017. The meeting was attended by the Baloch and Sindhis belonging from all walks of life and organizations including Baloch National Movement (BNM), World Baloch Organisation (WBO), World Sindhi Congress (WSC) and Baloch Human Rights Council UK (BHRC-UK)

The meeting deplored irrelevant statements from certain quarters regarding geographical boundaries of Sindh and Balochistan. Thesestatementswere termed as the work of fifth columnists working among the folds of both national struggles in order to create mistrust and confusions among the masses of two fraternal nations. It was declared in unambiguous terms that the present geographical boundaries of Sindh and Balochistanhad been accepted by nationalist forces of both nationsin historical contexts. The meeting called upon intellectuals, social-political activists, writers and all conscientious elements among the Baloch and Sindhis to take cognizance of the nefarious designs of individual personalities and groups on the pay role of enemy forces who have been given the duty of creating chasm of all kinds among the brotherly nations in order to weaken their national resistance against subjugation.

The meeting also took notice of the propaganda by hostile elements of the Baloch national struggle by exploiting the murders of innocent laborers belonging to Sindh in recent years. It was declared that in the prevailing murky situation in Balochistan where it is quite impossible to ascertain who is targeting who and on whose behalf, exploiting the issue is not in the interest of the national struggles for national sovereignty and the historical alliance of both nations.  It was decided that Sindhi Baloch Forum will actively initiate a campaign of awareness among the Sindhi masses in order to convince them to avoid getting employment in conflict areas and especially in projects affiliated with CPEC.

In order to highlight the plight of Sindhi and the Baloch masses and to present the case of human right violation perpetrated by the state of Pakistan in Sindh and Balochistan, it was decided that SBF will approach members of British Parliament, Members of European Parliament and other relevant quarters in the civilized world.

It was decided that SBF will organize a rally on December 10, 2017, in London to highlight human right violations in Balochistan  and Sindh especially the issue of enforced disappearance and kill and dump policy of Pakistani security agencies in Balochistan and Sindh.  Contact: