Baloch masses must boycott next year’s upcoming elections in Balochistan. Dr Allah NazarBaloch

(Daily Sangar)

Pro-independence Baloch leader, Dr Allah NazarBaloch, appealing to the Baloch nation in a press statement, said that the Baloch masses must boycott next year’s upcoming elections in Balochistan as they did in 2013. Boycotting elections will be a huge stepping stone for an independent Balochistan.The way the Baloch people boycotted the previous elections, it was a referendum for salvation from Pakistan.

The way the military operations were conducted; theabductions, killings, ruining people’s lives by destroying their homes and displacing them:in last five years, Pakistan's increasingly brutal military operations have set new precedents of brutality against civilians. The longer we remain enslaved the more we will remain backwards, ill-witted, deprived of identity, and above all become extinct as a nation. Therefore, an independent Balochistan has become of paramount importance.

The current wave of independence movement encouraging and foretelling us that we are close to defeat Pakistan.The closer we reach, the difficulties will increase exponentially, but we are ready to pay the price for it. Pakistan is psychologically defeated. That is why it is trying to hide its defeat by abducting unarmed civilians, women and children and inflicting them with unspeakable pain and suffering in its torture chambers.

Dr Allah NazarBaloch said that the Baloch nation has done many experiments with the elections and parliament, but we had to face oppression and Baloch genocide instead as the assembly members are nothing but mere spectators. The assembly members’ power is well manifested in its resolution opposing the illegal census and granting of citizenship to Afghan refugeesin Balochistan which is an open book for everyone to read.Islamabad throws such resolutions in the trash can and shushes them up.Only ISI-hand-picked make it to those assemblies and GHQ is the one that calls the shots on each and every step. That is why the instruments for Baloch genocide get signed from these assemblies.

Today, the government narrative in light of the National Action Plan (NAP) and Apex Committee’s decision is on the record. In August 2016,SarfrazBugti admitted that during 2015-2016 they have arrested 13,575 people in 2,825 operations. Earlier, Akbar HussainDurani confirmed that nine thousand people were arrested, which alone are more than twenty two thousand.

Those figures clearly indicate and everyone can presume that how Pakistan has created a humanitarian crisis in Balochistan which purely falls into the category of Baloch genocide. All those people are still bearing the brunt in Pakistan's secret prisons and torture chambers. No such things are acceptable to any Baloch, and the Baloch nation has consciously made a decision that there is no way other than freedom from Pakistan.

The nationalist leader said that during the so called nationalist government’s tenure, mass graves were discovered in TutakKhuzdarwhile they were mere spectators.Because, they are plainly told by the ISI and GHQ that the punishment for talking about Baloch national issues and oppression against Baloch is losing the assembly seat.

Pakistan once again is engaged in preparing similar elections in Balochistan. Certainly, it is nothing but a ploy for continuing Baloch genocide and oppression.

According to the Election Commission of Pakistan, the turnout in previous elections in Balochistan was just five percent, which was indeed less than that, but by filling the void, a puppet government was set up and approval for a bloody operation in Balochistan was acquired, which resulted in thousands of families being homeless, kidnapping and murder of thousands of civilians that is before our eyes. Ihope that the Baloch people will boycott these elections as well as they did in the past and support Baloch independence movement.