BLF fighters kill five FWO workers at CPEC projects

(Daily Sangar)

Balochistan Liberation Front Spokesman Gwahram Baloch informed media that BLF fightrs attacked Military construction company, namely Frontier Works Organization (FWO) on Friday. They were working on Gazzen river bridge of CPEC Project between Heeronk and Tijabaan area of Turbat district Kech. As a result of attack five FWO personal were killed. They had full security, where several military check posts have been installed to provide security. However, the Sarmachars with efficient strategy ambushed when the military forces went on patrol. Gwahram Baloch reiterated, "the Baloch nation has already rejected the CPEC Project and no project would reach its completion without the will of Baloch nation." He added "these projects have been designed to settle millions of foreigners in Balochistan and it is a conspiracy to convert Baloch nation into minority. The spokesman clarified on the killing of FWO workers few days back. He stated Pakistan in order to lore china tried to declare killed FWO personal by Sarmachar as civilian workers and propagating to term Baloch freedom fighters as terrorist. Gwahram Baloch assured that they are fighting for freedom of Balochistan in accordance with the United Nations’ charter. And no civilian has been targeted. But those who harbor with military wouldn't be spared. He makes it clear, "Pakistan is an occupying country, therefore it must withdraw from Balochistan and respect its boundaries". The spokesman warned that Pakistan sooner or later would be held accountable before International Courts for the violation of international laws by targeting armless citizens and innocent children, abducting women and indiscriminately bombing residences. Gwahram Baloch also claimed responsibility that Baloch Sarmachaar disembarked Pakistani flags from schools in Gehbon area of Turbat. He explained that Balochistan is an occupied land therefore no one is allowed to hoist Pakistani flag. He warned that state sponsored agents must refrain from such acts, otherwise they would be responsible by their own for any repercussions.