Pakistani Agencies whisk away another student from Karachi

(Daily Sangar)

 Pakistani Intelligence officials have whisked away another student from Karachi University, one of the most renowned academic institutions of Pakistan.

According to details, Sagheer Ahmed, a student of Political Sciences in the university, was arrested by plain clothed intelligence officials from the Visual Studies Canteen, located inside the premises of Karachi University, between 5 and 6pm local time.

Sagheer Ahmed Baloch, who originally hails from restive Teertaj, Awaran in Balochistan, is the third such student to be arrested by Pakistani security forces in a short span of 5 days. Previously, Sanaullah Baloch and Hossam Baloch, who are students of International Relations at the Karachi University were arrested along two other students from a flat located near University Road.