Rich tributes to Shabeer and Mayar for their sacrifice. BLF

(Daily Sangar)
Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Gwahram Baloch told media that Pakistan army attacked on a Baloch Sarmarchar’s camp on Tuesday with ground mercenaries and carrying aerial support. Fighting with the ground army for long time, two senior BLF's sarmachars were martyred. And in the clash, four Pakistani army personnel were killed and several others were injured. Two BLF Sarmachars, Shabir Baloch Alias Sahil and Mayar Baloch alias Bebager fought bravely and embraced martyrdom in defense of the motherland. Gwahram Baloch says that we offer Shabir Baloch alias Sahil and Mayar Baloch alias Bebager red salute and tributes for their services for many years, while standing in front of enemy like a wall and sacrificing their lives for freedom of Balochistan.  They have already defeated enemy forces in many fronts. They preferred to lay down their lives for a greater cause of Balochistan, rather than surrendering before the enemy. Surely their sacrifices are torchbearer for us. And Baloch nation will never let their sacrifices to go rewardless, but will keep fighting against Pakistani occupation till the independence of Balochistan. He was assured to say," sooner or later we will compel Pakistan and the world to accept Balochistan as an occupied land and would honor it as a free country." Gwahram Baloch further informed that Baloch sarmachars also fired 3 rockets that landed on army camp  in Bit Buleda and causes heavy losses to forces.