FWO worker was released by BLF fighters due to his minor age that Pakistani is propagating. BLF

(Daily Sangar)
Balochistan Liberation Front spokesperson GwahramBaloch while talking to the media said that after the attack and arrests of the Military Construction Company, Frontier Works Organization (FWO) in District Kech,Pakistani media is vociferously trying to present them as common laborers, which is condemnable. The media that have been playing the  role of a silent  spectator  on the killing of Baloch children on daily basis, has abruptly launched a false propaganda, on the news of BLF attack on FWO’s personnel, in which a FWO worker was released by Balochistan Liberation Front fighters due to his minor age. Pakistani agencies and the media approached the released teen HaiderAli, and started ranting hate speeches against the Baloch nation. The spokesman said, "It is not the first time that we have released an underage on humanitarian ground". Earlier, on 19th December 2015, BLF fighters attacked the FWO in Baalgatar area of Turbat, burned a dumper and arrested the operator GulZaman s/o Meer Nawaz r/o Tank Waziristan, but later on freed him, paid his traveling expenses and sent him home due to his minor age. GwahramBaloch urged that we have warned the people that do not let their children be recruited by Pakistani army’s call. But Pakistani public, including Pakistani media, ignored our warnings and not only came to work on the CPEC project, but also, once again,the young age children are being recruited. Sialkot's  Haider Ali was also released due to his age, but the Pakistani agencies are coloring it another way for their own interests. The reality is that, in the presence of hundreds of Baloch fighters there is no escape from the mountains of Balochistan.

GwahramBaloch maintained that these mountains are the paradise of our guerrillas, where the Pakistani army and fighter jets are facing failure. Andfor sure a teenager can't  escape without our consent .We make it clear that he was released on humanitarian grounds, because we are fighting for a free Balochistan in accordance to international war laws. What distinguishes between our struggle and the Pakistan is that we release their children accordance to international law, while they abduct our children and disappear them. It was Ali Haider and his family’s responsibility to bring forth the truth, but they couldn't. And surely, we are not surprised on this because we know that all was done on the direction of Pakistani institutions.

GwahramBaloch also accepted the responsibilities of various attacks. On Thursday, Pakistan army sponsored religious extremist group,MusallahDiffa members tried to interceptBaloch fighters in Pirandar area of district Awaran, and an exchange of fire began between religious militants and Baloch fighters, in which one of ‘MusallahDifa’ member was killed and several reported injured. Later the Pakistani army also reached to bolster religious militants and indiscriminately fired mortars towards the general population,however,no casualty  was reported.
GwahramBaloch claimed on the same day in Geshkaur area of Awaran, BLF fighters attacked on a Pakistani checkpoint with sniper and killed one military personnel. This checkpoint is built on a vacated middle school.GwahramBaloch cleared that these attacks would continue till the freedom of Balochistan.