Balochistan: 14 abducted including father and two sons

(Daily Sangar)

Continuous military operations have resulted in a number of serious human rights violation. Torturing women and childrenlooting valuables of the locals and enforced disappearances are consistently being reported.

Last week, 14 enforced disappearances have been reported from different areas of Balochsitan and Karachi, Sindh.

According to details, Pakistani security forces started a search operation in Lohadi and Keshari areas of Gichk district Panjgur, Balochistan and abducted ten civilians on 24th November 2017.

During the operation, forces abducted Munir Din Mohammad, Azum Gumani, Nizam Wali, residents of Kunari village of Gichk.

While other abductees are Noor Ahmed Musa, Nisar Abdul Aziz, Zahir Abdul Rahman, his brother Mon Abdul Rahman and Ghulam Sarwar Lal Khan along with his two sons, Lal Jan and Muslim, residents of Lohadi village of Gichk, district Panjgur, Balochistan.

On 23rd November 2017, Fakhr Din Durrazai, resident of Gishtagan, Zamuran area of Buleda, a local pickup driver, who loaded his pickup truck with diesels and went to sell in local stations of Panjgur, was abducted by Intelligence agencies and armed militants, also known as death squads.

Another report received from Awaran, in which Asim Aslam Mirwani, resident of Sari Malaar and Wali Mohammad Musafir, resident of Malaar have been abducted by security forces near UBL Bank in Awaran Bazar district Awaran, Balochistan, on 21st November 2017.

Wali Mohammad was later released but Asim is still missing.

Separately, from Buleda Bazar district Kech, forces abducted Abid Rasheed, resident of Margothi, Zamuran district Kech, Balochistan.

On the same day, from Karachi, provincial capital city of Sindh, Pakistan, Intelligence agencies and Rangers abducted Zubair Murad Bakhsh, resident of Sari Kallag, Gwarkop district Kech, Balochistan

Zubair is the brother of a famous Balochi singer Ameer Murad Bakhsh.

The abductees have been shifted to unknown locations and their whereabouts still remain unknown to their families.