Media has been a silence accomplice in the genocide of Baloch people. BLF

(Daily sangar)

Balochistan Liberation Front spokesperson said that the boycott of media not only is proved fruitful for our national freedom struggle, but also remained a conjunction for the freedom of media. This has become clear to the world that there is no trace of free media in Balochistan. The so-called free media is only a source of promoting Pakistani narrative. That is why the media enterprising for Pakistani national security and a mean to amass wealth; therefore man and humanity have been brushed aside. Media has been a silence accomplice in the genocide of Baloch people for last seventy years. He states that we have the full support of our people in the boycott of media which has exposed the secret of so-called free Pakistani media houses.

GwahramBaloch made it clear that media apathy towards our boycott shows so-called Pakistani media and government are in same page against Baloch nation. Media has been promoting one-sided propaganda. The main cause of our boycott is in no way to bring media into knelt and pressurized the journalists; rather we favor the freedom of expression where media houses may bring forth the realities about Balochistan before the world. Today media is responsible for humanitarian crisis in Balochistan. Even the media had played a slight role to highlight the realities; the situations would be far different in Balochistan. But media kept promoting state narrative and distorting the realities.Therefore Pakistani forces increased the level of atrocities with carte blanche and today as result of this, a humanitarian crisis has emerged in Balochistan.

The spokesman urged to media persons that instead, bowing before state pressure they would carry out their duty to expose forces barbarities before international media and would avoid from yellow journalism. He added that despite, our boycott almost for one month,media blackout is intact and the silence of international media houses is utterly creating disappointment.

The BLF spokesperson warned that in Quetta and Kalatsome news hawkers are violating our boycott call and they would be responsible for their own if they continued to do same. He expresses his solemn concern that we can imagine the problems of people but our goal is to bring forth the realities and atrocities before the world committed by securities forces which is much greater than anything else. He invited international media to visit and report about the humanitarian crisis that is creation of Pakistani security forces; and inform the world about atrocities for which Pakistan must be held responsible for its war crimes in Balochistan. He further informed that in military operations several villages had been extinct at the face of earth, more than forty thousand Baloch are in Pakistani torture cells and a half million people migrated to other areas of Balochistan, Sindh and Afghanistan where they are living a miserable life. Even ISI several times carried out attacks on Baloch refugees in Afghanistan.

 He said last year Balochistan puppet interior minister SarfrazBugti had admitted the arrest of more than thirteen thousand Baloch. Later on, Secretary to Interior ministry Akbar HussainDurraniclamied that they picked up further nine thousand in Balochistan on account of National  Action Plan. During Dr.Malik tenure the operation in Balochistan got a surge, however, media tried to cloak that and remained an accomplice in the crime. In such situation it is the duty and right of Baloch people to boycott state controlled media.