The so-called free media succumbed before state pressure. Khalil Baloch

(Daily Sangar)

Baloch National Front Chairman Khalil KhalilBaloch has expressed his views, saying that the ongoing BSO Azad awareness campaign in Canada is a positive step. He appealed to all freedom loving parties to fully support this campaign in order to create awareness about ongoing Pakistani forces atrocities and state terrorism in Balochistan.

Chairman stated that Pakistan has fully banned on news about Baloch and Balochistan; The so-called free media succumbed before state pressure and involved in propagating state led narrative. The media houses have shut their eyes on Baloch genocide by security forces and maintained a complete blackout about Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan. On contrary, media is covering one-sided and the false informations coming from puppet government in Balochistan which clearly indicates that media is an equal partner in war crimes committed by Pakistani forces in Balochistan. 

Khalil Baloch commented, this time Balochnation is going through the hardest phase of history, where Pakistani security forces are ruthlessly crushing Baloch people, by destroying villages, disappearing and killing students and young, abducting women and children. In fact, Balochistan has become a war zone.  Unfortunately these atrocities of Pakistani forces are going unnoticed due to complete media blackout. Pakistan is using these mean tactics to silence the voice of theBaloch nation, so no one dare to raise one's voice against these atrocities. On 28thOctober 2017 Sindh Rangers and intelligence agencies abducted BHRO Information Secretary Nawaz Atta and his other friends in Karachi; among abductees 9 years old Aftab and 12 years old Ulfat, Abid, Sajjad, Babu and Ilyas, are still missing. In another incident in Quetta Saryab, security forces disappeared Sameer Baloch,BibagrBaloch and a kid YousufBaloch on 30thOctober 2017. Somewhere else in Karachi forces abducted Sana IzzatBaloch, the Secretary Generalof BSO-Azad, central committee members Naseer Baloch and Hassam Baloch and a BNM member, RafeeqBaloch on 15th of November.

He said that enforced disappearances has become a daily routine but the so-called media tried to brush these incidents under the carpet. However BSO-AZAD has run a 6 days successful awareness campaign in which Baloch students and activists fully participated in social media. Chairman Khalil Baloch stressed that Baloch diaspora must play a vibrant role in raising Baloch issue before international community.