Intense military operation continues in Balochistan

(Daily Sangar)

The military operation has entered in the second day in the areas of Mashkay and Kolwah. In this operation more than 700  Foot Soldiers are participating and having the Aerial support of gunship helicopters that are indiscriminately bombing and shelling the areas. The sources reported, as a result of these bombardment there is chances of several civilian casualties. According to the source the area of Mashkay and Kolwah are under army siege and all means of communication have been shut. The residents are confined to home and living under constant fear. Further, the forces are carrying out door to door operation and and harassing women and children, looting houses and later on, setting them on fire. The source  also confirmed  that  several people, including women  and  children, are  arrested  and shifted into unknown locations. The local administration has confirmed that operation is ongoing in Mashkay and Kolwah, however they denied  any casualty in the operation. The recent series of operations in various parts of Balochistan have been intensified soon after the statement of Balochistan puppet interior minister Sarfaraz Bugti, who clearly assent the genocide of Baloch nation in order to counter the Baloch freedom movement. Baloch National Movement central spokesman previous day  condemned the atrocities of Pakistani forces and appealed to world community to take notice of Pakistani military war crimes being carried out in Balochistan.