Pakistan involved in war crimes and genocide Written by: Kachkol Ali Advocate

Pakistan is committing all the elements of the atrocities, war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in a massive scale across Baluchistsn. The GCR2P is not performing its fixed responsibility by virtue of which the Organization has come into existence. It is strange instead of warning the Pakistani General in respect of the atrocities they are perpetrating, the Executive Director of GCR2P Simon Adam is meeting with the senior army officers of Pakistan for UN endeavors, which is against the principles of an international institution to engage the perpetrators in peacekeeping missions.

We Baluch understand that the GCR2P is deviating from its entrusted responsibility, precisely because Pakistan is camouflaging its atrocities and enjoying all kinds of impunity due to undue influence of Pakistan by providing it’s military for UN endeavors, which is a miscarriage and raping the established principle of the GCR2P and international human rights and IHL.

Pakistan army in league with extremists and fundamentalists is an epicenter of terrorists nationally and internationally rather the army of Pakistan is a axil of evil. It is pertinent to mention here that recently the army of Pakistan has organized the extremists in Islamabad to undermine the civilian government. After the interference of Islamabad High Court, the military even distributed state exchequers among the fundamentalists to wind up the sit-in.

One of the world's most wanted terrorist is Hafiz Saeed but Pakistani military is supporting him. Even general Pervez Musharaf has shamelessly invited him to form an alliance in next year's elections. Musharaf is also an absconder from law, abrogated the constitution twice and is nominated in assassination of Nawab Akbar Bugti and Benizar Bhutto. In nutshell the United Nations and it sister organizations should trial the perpetrators before International Criminal Court or end their entrenched atrocities and impunity. But as we observed they (perpetrators) have been encouraged which negates the mandate and principles of united nations and hurt the feelings of the victims. Today indigenous Baloch are being victimized by the security forces of Pakistan.