Intensive reaction by Baloch leaders on abduction and murder of women and children; BNM announces a protest

Quetta (Sangar News)

All  Baloch guerrilla and separatist nationalist leaders, on social media Twitter, have vehemently condemned the abduction of Noor Khatoon, the sister of Baloch leader Dr Allah Nazar and cousin Sahib Dad along with other family members, and women and children, and the martyrdom of Dr Allah Nazar cousin, Khair Bakhsh and several other Baloch at the hand of Pakistani forces.

Baloch nationalist leader Dr Allah Nizar said in Twitter that
“Pakistan Army has killed a woman, a child and eight innocent Baloch civilians in Gajjali, Mashkay. While sixty other women are in Army custody. Our appeal to world powers is to take action against terrorist state Pakistan.”

Baloch National Movement (BNM) Chairman, Khalil Baloch said, “Five, including a woman and a child, martyred in Mashkay. 26 other women, including Dr Allah Nazar’s sister, were taken into custody.“ In anther tweet he said he questioned “Does US Consul General really believe that the five bullet-proof vehicles he has generously awarded to the Balochistan police will be used against terrorists? No. They will be used in the genocide of the Baloch people.” He mentioned US state department and Donald Trump in his tweet.

BNM senior leader Kachkol Ali Advocate tweeted, “10 bulled riddled dead bodies brought in Mashkay hospital by Pakistan army including a woman and a teenage girl. Forces also abducted Dr. Allah Nizar's sister along hundreds civilians including women & children. UN must end this impunity and #SaveBalochWomen.”

Baloch nationalist leader Meer Abdul Nabi tweeted and said “Killing & abduction of Dr Allah Nazar's sister and women and children is shameful and condemnable. We appeal to United Nations and and human rights organizations to stop the genocide of Baloch people.”

Nationalist leader Rahim Baloch said “Pakistan army is involved in gross violations of international laws regarding the protection of women, children and civilian population which are apparently war crimes.”

Baloch Guerrilla nationalist leader Sheh Akhter Nadeem Baloch said “Pakistan cannot cover up its defeat by kidnapping the sister of Baloch leader Dr Allah Nazar. World powers must take notice of war crimes being committed by Pakistani army in Balochistan.”

Guerilla Commander Aslam Baloch said “Military aggression in Mashkay is the beginning of so-called Swat-styled military operation. Baloch nation has to stand united to reduce severity of these hardships. Revamping resistance struggle on scientific basis is a must for success.”

Baloch leader Mehran Marri said “Pakistani Army in Occupied #Balochistan have kidnapped sister of Dr. Allah Nizar. When the tyrant gets desperate, he goes after women and children. Shame on Gen Bajwa & his goons. Surrendering to Punjabi Mullahs but abducting Baloch women.”

Baloch Republican Party President Nawab Brahumdagh Bugti said “Strongly condemn the abduction of Baloch women and children, including sister of Dr. Allah Nazar, by Pakistani forces in Mashkay. Forces continue to abduct women and children with impunity as the media and HR groups have become silent spectators. Pakistani forces continue their ruthless operations against civilians in Balochistan. Ten more innocents have been killed and 60 civilians, mostly women and children, abducted from Mashkay within past few days. Silence of the civilized world encourages this to continue.

Bhawal Mengal son of Baloch leader Javed Mengal said “Woman and child among 10 civilians killed in Gajali, Mashkay, Balochistan by Pakistani forces, 60+ women including Baloch leader Dr. Allah Nizar's sister abducted.
The International community must not watch in silence as the people of Balochistan face genocide. Stop The Terror!”

Baloch National Movement in its official twitter account, announced a protest in Germany. Tweet says “BNM Germany will protest in Berlin on 10th of December, on the eve of world Human Rights Day against Pakistani atrocities in Balochistan. The protest aims to SaveBalochWomen in torture cells and stop Enforced Disappearances.” Another tweet in BNM account also condemned these barbarism, “BNM strongly condemns abduction of Dr Allah Nazar’s sister Noor Khatoon and other women and children by Pakistan Army in Mashkay today. Pakistan is committing war crimes in Balochistan.”