Pakistani army abducted another sister of Dr Allah Nazar with her daughter and two infant grandchildren

(Sangar News)

Pakistani army has abducted another sister of Dr Allah Nazar, SherKhatoon with her daughter along with her two infants; and shifted them to army camp. Dr. Allah Nazar tweeted in social media Twitter, “Pakistan Army has abducted my second sister SherKhatoon with her daughter and two grandchildren, 3yrs old Beebagr and 6 months old girl Mahen from PeezgRaghai area of district Washuk and shifted them to Mashkay.”

It is noteworthy few days before Pakistan Army in collaboration with death squad of Ali Haider Muhammad Hasani men abducted Noor Khatoon, another the sister of Dr Allah and his cousin Sahib Dad along with other family members in Raghay and then shifted them to army camp.

In his second tweet he appealed to United Nations and Amnesty International to take notice of  war crimes being committed by Pakistan in Balochistan. Tweet reads “35 Baloch women brought to Mashkay Army camp by helicopter right now. A disabled man is also picked by Army. Our appeal to United Nations, Amnesty International and world powers is to stop Pakistan from these human rights crimes in Balochistan.”

Pakistan Army has been conducting operations from Mashkay to Gichk and Kholwa since 1st December. Due to operation all means of communications are shut down by forces. More than hundred civilians including women and children are arrested and shifted to unknown places. It is confirmed by local sources last night death squad member Ali Haider Muhammad Hasni had a meeting with the army. Death squad local Commanders Mehrullah and Sana Eidoo were also present in the meeting; in which they decided to pick up Dr Allah Nazar sisters and other family members.This is a mean tactics applied by Pakistan Army and its proxy death squad to pressurize Dr Allah Nazar.. But Dr Allah Nazar is primly attached to his cause of free Balochistan and no ugly scheme of Pakistan and its proxies can force him to up his gauntlet.

The army and intelligence agencies previously abducted his wife and child from Quetta but of no avail.