Pakistan is committing genocide in Balochistan ,Kachkol Ali Advocate


 It is humbly submitted that, the vulnerable Baluch nation has repeatedly pointed out that Pakistan is committing genocide with the intent of destroying the the Baluch as whole or part, it is regrettable that GCR2P is not paying attention in genocide of Baluch peoples by the security forces of Pakistan. Whereas in Khuzdar Totak a mass grave was recovered, which established the commission of genocide by the armed forces of Pakistan as concrete evidences. It is pertinent to mention here that there is no such a day the forces do not wilfully kill the innocent indigenous Baluch people, in this regard I have reproduce the conscience shocking words of an eminent international lawer named Hugo Grotius: If tyranny becomes so unbearable as to cause the nation to raise, any foreign power is entitled to help an oppressed people that has requested its assistance. The theory of the learned lawyer is based on experiences, therefore it is consonant with the doctrine of the principle of R2P. Sometimes we Baluch feel we have been victimized by the security forces of Pakistan, but the civilized states and the institutions which have been established to put an end the impunity of atrocities which we are facing since a decade, they are treating us with permissive discrimination.