Pakistan is an uncivilized unnatural country so it can abuse international laws.BLF

(Sangar News)

Blochistan Liberation Front spokesman Gwahramm Baloch says in a statement, Pakistan Army abducted the sister of Dr Allah Nazar, Sher Khatoon with her daughter and her grand children two years old Beebagr and six months old  infant Mahen. All are shifted to Mashkay Army camp. Some days prior, the military abducted Noor Khatoon, another Dr Allah Nazar sister, and his cousin Sahib Dad along with other family members including children and women from Raghai area of district Washuk and shifted them to Raghai army camp. Till now Pakistani forces have abducted more than 100 citizens in which majority are women and children.

He said, Pakistani forces are committing gross human rights violation with impunity due to complete media blackout in Balochistan. Pakistan Army has suffered ignorance ignominious defeat at the hands of Baloch Sarmachars (freedom fighters), therefore, in frustration and retaliation forces are abducting women in children.

Gwahram Baloch stressed, it is misconception of Pakistan,it neither can weaken Baloch national leader Dr Allah Nazar and other activists, nor can instigate them to adopt such a way that violate International rules. He said, we are struggling within international conventions and laws. As  Pakistan is an uncivilized and unnatural country, so it is expected from it to abuse international laws.

He stated that Baloch people have a long history of struggle, in which they gave priceless sacrifices, and the result of these sacrifices are not less than a free  Balochistan.

Gwaharm Baloch stated that this is a psychological war, and the abduction of women and children by Pakistani forces clearly indicates that the state has suffered a defeat in this psychological war, whereas our morale is as strong as day one.

The spokesman informed Pakistani military consisted of a brigade having the help of 20 gunships helicopters in operation in Mashkay, Gichk and  Raghai. The Pakistani army is abducting aged, women and children, taking them to army camps, afterward,physically and mentally torturing them.

Gwaharm Baloch declared that when we traced Pakistani army communication system, in which two army men were clearly heard communicating that Dr Allah Nazar’s sister was shifted to army camp Raghai at district Washuk and they are being tortured in said camp. Similarly more than 30 women were shifted into Mashkay Gajjar Army Camp.

Gwaharm Baloch also justified the boycott of media by saying that the military operation has entered in 10thday but media houses have kept a silence on it which exposes the real face of so-called media. While refraining international media to cover Balochistan, clearly indicate that a severe humanitarian crisis is going on in Balochistan. It is prime responsibility of the world community to take notice of existing humanitarian crisis in Balochistan and play their role in liberating Baloch nation.