Mashkay operation entered in 12th Day: forces now sealed areas of Jahoo and Awaran

Awaran( Sangar News) The intense operation of Pakistan Army has entered in 12thday in Mashkay, Raghai and Gichk. This operation is expanded to various areas of Awaran and Jhaoo. According to our local sources military has besieged Nondara of Jahoo and Gadop and Pahoo areas of Awaranfor the last two days and sealed all communications routes. The forces have burnt several houses there.

The Pakistani army has launched operation since  December 1st.  So far now more than 100 citizens in which majority are women and children are arrested and shifted to army camp Raghaiat district Washuk and Mashkayarmy camp. They are harassing and torturing women in the name of door to door operation.

Day yesterday Gwahram Baloch BLF spokesman has confirmed that they have tracked down army communication system and came to know that army along with its the proxy have abducted Baloch leader Dr Allah Nazar’s two sisters including other Baloch aged men, women and children; later on shifted them to army camp.

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) has also launched a worldwide protest against the ongoing operation and enforced disappearance of Baloch political and social activities in Balochistan and Sindh. The leaders of BNM, BRP and BSO-AZAD have vehemently condemned the military operations in Balochistan and made strong appeal to world powers and human rights organizations to immediately intervene in Baloch genocide at the cruel hands of uncivilized and uncultured Pakistani forces.