International media and observers welcome to witness Pakistan's genocidal policies in Balochistan: Dr Allah Nazar

QUETTA: In a statement issued on Thursday, Dr Allah NazarBaloch has said Pakistan is speeding up its genocidal policies in Balochistan by adopting multipronged strategy and increasing state terrorism and violence. Currently, two divisions of Pakistan's regular army are engaged in killing innocent civilians in Balochistan. Pakistan has been trampling the war ethics of Geneva Convention for last seventy years through barbaric military operations. It shows from their policy of targeting and not sparing women and children.  

"If the UN and the civilized world do not play their constitutional role, I think Pakistan would commit worst in Balochistan than it did to Bengalis. Pakistan's regular army, Frontier Corps (FC) and intelligence agencies are in league with criminals and their proxy death squads are continuously massacring innocents with impunity" he said. 

Dr Allah Nazar says that the new wave of military operations has extended across Balochistan. The operation is going on in Mashkay, Awaran and Washuk whereas fresh army personnel are being deployed in Makkuran. There is a massive operation in Makkuran starting within one or two days. Pakistan wants to complete Chinese exploitative projects and has announced the genocide of Baloch people to counter Balochistan's freedom struggle. The prime example of this is puppet minister SarfarazBugti’s public announcement of calling for genocide in Balochistan.  

Dr Nazar says, world bodies are running away from their obligation which emboldened Pakistani forces to accelerate the Baloch genocide with carte blanche that would be remembered as precedent in human history.

He added Pakistan has already massacred the Baloch people to make China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) a feasible enterprise. “I have already provided detailed statistics in this regard” he said. The media blackout and atrocities of Pakistan increased soon after Pakistan and China agreed on agreements in Balochistan. After signing the CPEC projects during Dr Malik era, they intensified the military operations in the name of so-called development. 

 Baloch national leader said that so far thousands of civilians have been abducted and hundreds of villages have been burned down in past two decades by Pakistani forces. On August 2016, SarfarazBugti confirmed that the intelligence agencies have picked up 13,575 people from Balochistan under National Action Plan. Similarly, secretary for interior ministry Akbar HussainDurrani in December 2015 approved that more than 9,000 citizens were picked up on the basis of doubt. In 2004, then Interior Minister Aftab Ahmed Sherpao who is a nominated culprit in Nawab Akbar Bugti murder case, also accepted the arrest of 4,000 Baloch which in total became 27000 in number.

 He added the actual number of 40,000 Baloch have been abducted in last two decades by Pakistani security forces, in which hundreds of them were later on killed and their bodies were recovered on road sides, jungles and deserted places. He urged this is a clear genocide (of the Baloch people). Pakistan and China have started a project on search of gas and oil, that is why they are clearing Washuk and Kharan by the dent of force to make this scheme feasible.

 Dr Allah Nazar said that the failure of 2013 elections was tacit approval of citizens to a free Balochistan. Pakistan is trying to eliminate all the voices that are associated with the Baloch national movement in order to avoid previous histories in upcoming elections. He made it clear that in this genocide of the Baloch people, the National Party is directly involved. The discovery of the mass graves from TootakKhuzdar during Dr Malik’s chief minister-ship and the proposal of Swat type operation by Dr. Malik are clear proof their involvement. They will pay the same lot what today Jamaith-i-Islami is facing in Bangladesh.

 He added Pakistan is bringing intensity in operation level, is clearly indication that Pakistani security forces are facing tough times against Baloch freedom fighters. Dr Allah Nazar iterated, sooner than later Baloch national movement would achieve its desired goal of a free Balochistan. Baloch nation is raising this movement through their blood. This act will also defeat Pakistan like other occupiers, invaders and exploitative forces in the past human history.    

He appealed to world organizations to take notice of the humanitarian crisis in Balochistan that Pakistan has created. They must speak on Pakistani atrocities against Baloch people and throw up the yoke of silence that does not augur well for international organizations. He invited international media and observers to visit Balochistan and report the severe humanitarian crisis in Balochistan.