Pak Military abducted 20 Baloch, including a teenage student

(Sangar News)

20 persons are abducted and forcibly disappeared by military from different areas of Balochistan in the recent wave of military operations.

According to details, on 24 December 2017, Frontier Corps, the paramilitary force, attacked Drachko village of Dasht district Kech in Balochistan and abducted Sabzal Pir Bakhsh, Hameed Hebtan, Shakil Pirak and Wajid Qadir Bakhsh.

Military operation was continued in Harnai and its surrounding areas for the fourth day. On 24 December 2017, forces abducted Dilshad Mari, Gul Khan Mari and Wander Mari. Security forces sat several houses on ablaze in the area during the operation, which include the houses of Bahar Khan Kanjlani Mari and Rindo Sherani Mari.

On the same day, Majeed Abdul Rahman and Diljan Umetan were abducted by security forces from Jattani bazar, Dasht district Kech.

On 23 December, forces raided Sari Gaddagi area of Balgatar district Kech and abducted Tariq.

On 22 December, forces abducted Raza Chegerdi from Paho area of district Awaran Balochistan.

Separately, from Raghae area of Besima district Washuk, Mir Noora Pir Mohammad, Khuda Dad Noora, Ali Sher Mohammad Ali, Huzoor Qadir Bakhsh, Nek Bakht Allah Bakhsh, Meraj Abdul Nabi, Nek Mohammad Qadir Bakhsh and Yaqoob Sumar were abducted during a military operation.

17 years old student, Fida Abdul Bashir, resident of Sari Gaddagi, Balgatar district Kech was abducted by forces from Turbat district Kech, Balochistan, on 18 December 2017.

All the abductees have been shifted to unknown locations and their whereabouts remain unknown to their families