Dr Malik’s denial of links to death squads is ridiculous. Gwahram Baloch

(Sangar News)

Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman Gwaharm Baloch speaking on satellite phone from an unidentified place says, Dr Malik interview to Herald Dawn on 24th December is ridiculous, where he denied any link with death squads. Gwaharm Baloch clarifies that recently Dr Malik persuaded Sardar Aziz, who heads a death squad, to join National Party and awarded him a top position in the party. This is a known fact to every commoner that Sardar Aziz is a member of death squad that is operating under patronage of state intelligence agencies, and is involved in the mass genocide of Baloch people in the area. He said that they issued a list of people who are martyred by Sardar Aziz in Pidark, Gomazai and surrounding areas. On the other hand National Party leader Mullah Barkatis forcibly applying the tactic of surrender. He added those who refuse to surrender, their relatives’ lives are at pril— they are abducted. Such incidents are exposing the dualistic stand of National Party and its leaders. Gwaharm Baloch stressed that Dr Malik and National Party's leaders cannot hide their crimes against humanity by lying to the Baloch nation. They are still a part of puppet government in Balochistan and involved in bloodshed of Baloch nation. The spokesman stated 20000 Balochs are abducted in Dr Malik CM ship tenure; Sarfaraz Bugti and Aktar Durrani have approved the fact which is available in the records. A staggering number of Baloch are enduring the tortures of intelligence agencies for years. He warned that in such situation Dr Malik would not be able to wash away his committed sins; therefore one day he will be held accountable for his heinous actions. 40000 innocent Baloch have been abducted since 2000. He stressed, no one can deny these facts and this is unequivocally unexaggerated statistics. He appealed to international human rights organizations to take notice of existing humanitarian crisis in Balochistan. He said there is a complete media blackout and today the situation in Balochistan took an ugly turn where it is more worse than Rohengia. It is clear from the fact today “Doctors Without Borders” are allowed to provide medical aid to patients in Rohengia but they were banned to visit District Kech and Awaran after 2013 earthquake in order to hide severe impacts of the Military operations before the world. Gwaharm Baloch, reminded, Dr Malik should remember that he denied entry to “Doctors Without Borders’’ in the affected areas but granted approval to Hafiz Saeed led organization Jamaith-ul-Dwa and Khidmat-i-Khalk Foundation to increase religious extremism in the areas during his CM ship. The spokesman stated that Dr Malik has denied the presence of ISIS-Daesh in Balochistan which equates to sell the sacrifices of educationist Zahid Askani who was martyred at the hand of Daesh. Dr Malik also hides the ban on selling of Balochi books in his own constituency. He added that army has raided libraries and sealed many book stalls in Kech. Whereas, Dr Malik is propagating state sponsored narratives but he cannot hide his heinous crimes. Gwahram Baloch also said Dr Malik blamed Baloch national leaders for creating a situation of civil war. He added that Dr Malik is using this blame game to shield crimes of the state sponsored agents and its informers. National Party and other federalist parties if don't poke their noses against national movement for free Balochistan they would not be liable for any crime; however if they remain accomplice with state machinery in mass genocide of Baloch nation, they wouldn't be spared. Gwahram Baloch finally appealed to International Criminal Court to hold Dr Malik and associates accountable for their violence against humanity.