After London, 'Free Balochistan' posters appear in New York City's Times Square

(Sangar News)

After London, "Free Balochistan" posters were seen in New york city , Time Square on Wednesday to highlight alleged human rights violation committed by Pakistan in the region.
Earlier this month, a similar campaign was launched in London when posters advertising alleged human rights abuse against the Balochs appeared on the city's buses.

The poster at Times Square was part of a campaign initiated on December 20 by the World Balochistan Organization (WBO) when more than 100 city taxis were seen carrying the "Free Balochistan advertisement". The banner was posted at a crucial time when the famous tourist destination is gearing up to host New Year's Eve celebrations on December 31.

The organization also added mobile billboards carrying slogans "#FreeBalochistan from human rights abuses" to its campaign.

The ads also read "No to CPEC, the China-Pakistan project that aims to loot and plunder Balochistan" and "Raise your voice against human rights abuses in #Balochistan by Pakistan Army" circled prominent locations in the City including the consulates of Pakistan and China.

The campaign aims to highlight the alleged human rights abuses by Pakistan and to end its "iron-fisted rule" in the region.