Two more Baloch students disappeared from Karachi

(Sangar News)

Two more Baloch students have been ‘disappeared’ from Karachi,The two brothers, Mumtaz Sajidi and Kamran Sajidi were picked up from Karachi,

The brothers, who originally hail from  Gresha Khuzdar in Balochistan, were picked today 4th january,at 4 am local time by men in plain clothes from their flat in Madho Goth on University road.

 Mumtaz Sajidi is a Masters student in International Relations at the prestigious Karachi University. Mr. Sajidi has no affiliation with any political parties but has remained vocal for civil rights.

The two brothers are not the first to go missing from Karachi.

On 21 November, 2017 personnel of Pakistani Intelligence officials whisked away Sagheer Ahmed from Karachi University. Mr. Ahmed, a student of Political Sciences in the university, was arrested by plain clothed intelligence officials from the Visual Studies Canteen, located inside the premises of Karachi University.