Existence of Pakistan is a bad omen for humanity – Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch

(Sangar News)

The Baloch pro-independence leader, Dr Allah Nazar Baloch, in a statement, dubbed the silence of the United Nations and other universal human rights organizations regarding the ongoing military operations in Balochistan and all out genocide of Baloch nation as a dark chapter in human history. He said the state forces, in collaboration of its proxies, are engaged in Baloch genocide. At present no area of ??Balochistan is spared of oppression and abuses. Here, on the daily basis, looting of general population, military operations, violence and kidnappings are a routine.

Similarly, the occupational forces have even brought an increase to the custodial killings, he added. Yesterday, the body of Noor Ahmed Baloch, who was martyred after being kept in custody for one and a half years, was found in District Kech. The conspicuous silence of the human rights organizations on the war crimes of the state clearly indicate that, either they are partner in crime in Baloch massacre or totally helpless against the might of the state. While being helpless, they should lock down their whole-sale human rights vending machines. Because, in the name of human rights, it is an insult to humanity if they are incapable to act, neglect, being impotent. Thus it is considered nothing more than a lucrative business.

He further said, along with the so called human rights organizations, the civil society and the media have also jumped into the band wagon of state-narrative-defense-league. Today, the so called free media is using the state narrative as propaganda against unarmed Baloch civilians and trying to label the Baloch as terrorist. While being completely silent on the non-stop Baloch genocide and exploitation in Baluchistan. On a day in history, they all will also be held accountable for Pakistan's war crimes. At this time, many areas in Makran have been sealed off with military camps and outposts that have made people's lives miserable. The entire Balochistan is offering a scene of a military camp.

He said that our struggle for freedom in Balochistan is the natural right of the Baloch nation and our national movement is being waged in accordance to the rules and regulations accepted by the international community. But, the Pakistani state, devoid of any civility, in order to perpetuate its occupation of Baloch homeland and for completion of its exploitive and military projects, has escalated its military operations with regular forces and death squads. These are difficult and dangerous times for the Baloch. But the Baloch nation, for its national independence, will fight off all kinds of savagery of the enemy. On the other hand, this level of barbarism and inhumane brutality is also a challenge to the existence of the civilized nations and international human rights institutions.

Dr Allah Nazar Baloch further said that with each passing day, Pakistan's policies towards promoting religious extremism and terrorism becoming more discernible. And now the time has come that civilized countries along with the United Nations take direct action against this terrorist state and in order to stop genocide and war crimes in Balochistan, they must hold Pakistan responsible at global forums and pave the way to establish a Free Balochistan. A Free Balochistan can guarantee to keep the world, including this region, from Pakistan’s extremism and terrorism. The only path towards peace, security and sustainable development in this region, is subject to Balochistan's independence.

The United States, providing Pakistan with billions of dollars in the war against terrorism post 9/11, has now reached to the conclusions that we have expressed long ago. Pakistan continued swindling money from the United States and allies, the oxygen that enabled its pursuit of not only accelerating Baloch genocide but nurturing and strengthening religious extremists as well. There is still time that America, its allies and other countries recognize the hidden face of Pakistan; impose all kinds of sanctions on Pakistan so that the terrorists' nursery and haven come to an end and the world could live more peacefully. Every day, in Afghanistan and India, terrorists cross the border to carry out terrorist acts, but if there is an incident anywhere in the western world, terrorists are directly or indirectly traced back to Pakistan. Therefore, the existence of this terrorist and inhumane entity on the world map is not a good omen for humanity.