My son is dearer than Bilawal

“I love my child more than anything on earth. Bilawal’s life might be precious for PPP workers or leaders but I love my kid more than Bilawal but still I do not want such trouble for any child,” Riaz told this scribe while holding placard inscribed with slogan as “Dear Nisar Khoro Sahb, my child is dearer to me than Bilawal.”


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Riaz is middle class government employee live in Karachi’s poverty stricken neighbourhood Lyari.

The father of infant could not reach hospital due to the security cordon in the area to protect the Pakistan Peoples’ Party (PP) chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. Bisma was pronounced dead on arrival and the father says the doctor could have saved her life if she was brought 20 minutes earlier. The issue got unprecedented media coverage which worth it as the VVIP culture often disturbs whole life whether it is Karachi, Quetta, Lahore or Peshawar.


To respond the allegations that Bilawal is the responsible for the death of the infant, Nisar Khoro told the reporters that “we love Bilawal and his family and we have often concern about their security during their movements. He somehow justified the extraordinary security arrangements blocking all the main arteries.

Riaz said everyone in the neighbourhood and in the country has been saddened by this tragedy which highlights the VIP culture here where poor or middle class always suffer. “I went to nearby General store and bought a placard to answer Mr. Khoro that I love my child more than Bilawal and every parent in Lyari loves their kid like Bilawal,” he said while tears rolling down from his eyes.

As he stood with his child in the street of Lyari, many children joined him and supported his stance. “Lyari has been the hub of PPP despite the party’s soft corner for gangsters,” Riaz said. “PPP and Bhutto family did nothing for Lyari but give dozens of coffins and number of gangsters to terrorize the innocent people,” said Zahid Ali, resident of Lyari’s Gul Mohammad Line.

They demanded justice for Bisma. “We want justice not money because we know the father was pressurized to take money and job,” Zahid said. Faisal Baloch, the father of infant, was whisked away to meet PPP Chief Minister and accept the offer as pic 1“We are poor and could not afford even food but do not greedy,” he said. Many footballers were present at the funeral who expressed the same feelings and subjected the PPP leadership to severe criticism.

Most of the people to watch the ‘one man demonstration’ supported the demand that VVIPs all over the country be confined to their offices and homes and they should not be allowed to move around disrupting normal life individuals.

If the VVIPs are afraid of their life, they should not move out of their homes and offices and spare the poor and needy people from trouble.