Brother of CM Balochistan is recruiting members for ISIS- Gwahram Baloch

Quetta (Sangar News) Gwaharm Baloch, the spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front (BLF) said that the statement of Qudoos Bezanjo, newly elected puppet Chief Minister of Occupied Balochistan, in which he warned the freedom fighters to descend from mountains and up their gauntlets, is not a unique affair; rather, it is a continued narrative of Baloch genocide, and tightening the chain of enslavement by Pakistan for last 70 years. After application of its several plans to crush Baloch national struggle, yet all those plans met with ignominious failure, Pakistan suffers a psychological defeat. As a result it tries to conceal its failure by inflicting more cruelties and immerse in barbarities. Similarly, Pakistan tried to find out causes of its defeat while changing its puppet Chief Ministers. Before Qudoos another loathed character, Sanaullah Zahri was enthroned to help in crushing of national movement. Prior to that a so-called middle class politician, Dr. Malik was set on power for the same purpose. The spokesman added that the pages of history are filled with such criminal like threats; in near past it starts with the threat of the Pervez Musharraf when he challenged the Baloch nation with these words “This time we hit Baloch around they would not know what hit them”. But history witnessed that till today Baloch are struggling in their motherland, it was Musharraf who run away from his own country and army by establishing an alibi of treatment in foreign country.
 He further added, “Like Qudoos Bezanjo, previously Late Jam Yousuf, Aslam Raissani, Dr Malik and Sanaullah Zahri also chanted same narrative and were used like tissue paper; because in reality their position is not better than a pimp. Whereas, the roots of national movement are attached to the feelings of own people which can't be defeated with the help of paid agents and national culprits.”
Gwaharm Baloch declared that election and democracy are not more than a mere joke. Baloch nation completely boycotted 2013 elections which was a clear message to Pakistan for freedom by Baloch nation. Interestingly the current puppet Chief Minister belongs to that constituency where military completely rounded off the areas but the residents bravely stood before military might and boycotted the election; only a few votes were balloted through rigging; which he himself once admitted while talking with BBC Urdu.
Gwaharm mentioned that Pakistan Election Commission and international experts expressed their reservations on disappointingly low turnout in Balochistan (as for some analysts it was only 6 percent), but they could dare not to go for reelection as they knew very will about a possible similar results. He recalled, Qudoos Bezanjo secured 544 bogus votes out of 57000 enrolled voters and declared as successful candidate.
The spokesman made it clear, “Therefore, Qudoos neither can be termed the representative of people nor CM with these bogusly casted votes; in fact he has been awarded these designations due to his ancestral loyalties (with occupying forces).”
Gwaharm Baloch stated, Qudoos Bezanjo warned Baloch Sarmschars to surrender otherwise would face grave consequences but we want to make it clear to him that they are struggling with a defined ideology of nationalism; and their weapons are guided by the spirit of nationalism. Baloch nation has been fighting against this oppressor for last 70 years and they have continuously been listening such threats. Surely, such acts are attempts to show loyalty to their masters.
 Qudoos Bezanjo’s father, Majeed Bezanjo had been doing same for last 30 years. Qudoos and Majeed Bezanjo have established death squads and Daesh-ISIS that are involved in war crimes against Baloch people. Jamil Bezanjo, the brother of Qudoos Bezanjo, is recruiting members for Daesh-ISIS and providing training to them in vicinities of Jahoo. He informed that BLF’s Sarmschars arrested several Daesh members, and during investigation they admitted that they had the backing of same Bezanjo family. Pakistan is a religious extremist country, in this ground they elected an illiterate person Majeed Bezanjo as minister for several years and later on his unqualified son Qudoos Bezanjo was made speaker of Provincial Assembly and then Chief Minister. This is the beloved family of Pakistan Army for last four decades.
 At last Gwaharm Baloch stressed that Baloch nation can endure the inhuman treatment and barbarities of Pakistan and its precursors for their national cause and would resist them till national liberation.