National Party’s death squad demolishes the house of Martyr Islam Baloch

Pidraak (Sangar News) According to our source, last night, the houses of Shaheed Islam Baloch was attacked by Death Squads in Dramkol, Pidraak district Kech. Sardar Aziz, who is operating a dead squad, is involved in the abduction and killing of several Baloch political workers, has the backing of an anti Baloch federalist party National Party. The members of Death squad at midnight entered the house of Shaheed Islam Baloch and  demolished the house. They also looted other precious items in the house. They even took windows and doors of the house with them.
Previously, Pakistan Military along with its proxy death squad raided the house of Islam Baloch on 22 March 2014; and martyred five members of the same family. Kamalan Kahudahi, Sameer Kamalan, Ikram Baloch and Murad Baloch were brutally myrterd by security forces on the raid. Also several other members of family got fatal injuries. At the result of this nerve shattering tragedy the entire family migrated to the other places for security reasons.  Later on, the National Party backed death squad took the house at their costedy and used it as a bulwark.
Sources informed that there is an atmosphere of constant  fear in the area of Pidraak . The Death Squad which is a band of criminals and drugs mafia harassing the residents. They are extorting money from the people and in case of raising any voice against their criminal activities people are threatened to face grave consequences, even death. They made life difficult for the people by looting their assets and other belongings.
Such activities of National Party backed death Squad draw a clear picture of National Party role and its future intentions. This is actually a band of some anti Baloch elements compromised of Pakistani intelligence agent like Dr Malik and Hasil Bezanjo. They are facilitators in mass killing of Baloch people to  strengthen the occupation of Balochistan by Pakistan.