The Gwadar Expo was a faux. Gwahram Baloch

Quetta(Sangar News) Gwaharm Baloch, the spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front claimed the responsibility of yesterday’s attack on Houshap Army camp with heavy automatic weapons, in which occupying forces suffered heavy losses.

Gwaharm Baloch also claimed that a military vehicle hit a landmine at Saheji, where army is conducting an operation; as result, vehicle was destroyed, 4 army personnel were killed and several were injured in the incident. Gwaharm Baloch also clarified that the incident was mistakenly referred to Kech, but actually it happened in Gwadar.

He stated that the purpose of targeting army vehicles with landmine to send a clear message to international investors on the occasion of Gwadar Expo 2018 that no project is practicable without the consent of Baloch nation. Pakistan Army is embarked on orgy operations from the beginning of this month in peripheries of Gwadar in order to suppress the voice of Baloch. He added, The Gwadar Expo was a faux to elude the world by naming it an international expo; in reality some Chinese construction and local construction companies installed their stalls. This clearly shows the failure of the Expo.  And no one can snatch away Gwadar from Baloch nation by organizing such activities.

The spokesman stated that The people of Balochistan and local people of Gwadar are aware about the intrigue of bringing herein a demographic change and converting them into minority, enslave them and extinct them as a nation to the face of the earth.

Gwaharm Baloch vowed that, “Baloch nation is united against this sinister design of enemy and will continue his activities till the liberation of Balochistan.”