Only a Free Balochistan can ensure the survival of Baloch as a nation. Dr Allah Nazar

Quetta(Sangar News): Baloch nationalist leader Dr. Allah Nazar Baloch in his statement said that Pakistan escalated its military operations in order to intensify Baloch genocide. With each passing year or induction of new government, they set new records of brutalities. He added that the new phase of operations started with the incitement of National Party, Muslim League, BNP and other federalist parties. They sent a clear message to the Baloch people to braceitself for the worst form of violence in the New Year.

Dr Allah Nazar commented that proposal of Swat like operation by Dr Malik, threats of an all out genocideof Baloch nation coming from Sarfaraz Bugti and Qudoos Bezanjo’s announcement to crush pro-freedom rebels and activists is a policy to secure their seatsfor winning the trust and appeasing their masters. Consequently, occupying army intensified its operations, abductions and massacre of the people. It is genocide.

Dr Allah Nazar further stated that the abduction of women and children in Mashkay and Raghai, aerialbombardment in Kolwah and Gichk, forced evacuation of residents from Dasht, siege of Saheji, construction of new army camps and turning schools andcolleges into military camps are being done in collusion with the same elements to pave the way for upcoming elections. But, we are sure that people will cast their vote in the favor of pro-independence forces by boycotting the elections that will lead them to salvation from Pakistan. He addedthat the new puppet Chief Minister of Occupied Balochistan is a product of the same drastically failed electoral process where even 1 percent of votes were not casted.Yet he was elevated to the position of Speaker, interim Governor and now Chief Minister by ISI returning favor for his support to commit Baloch genocide.

The Baloch leader made it clear that those who are hoping to crush the pro-freedom fighters of Baloch struggle, they are surely living in fools’ paradise; because,the struggle for nationalliberation is imprinted into the hearts and minds of each and every Baloch. That is why they are part of it. The threats of diabolical violence being meted out to Baloch are nothing new. Baloch had bravely been resisting such threats for last 70 years in general and for last 17 years in particular. Awaran, Makkuran and Kharan had been the epicenter of Pakistani atrocities long before such threats.

Allah Nazar Baloch said that in pursuance of convening Gwadar Expo and making it a success, Pakistan Army has put Saheji and the mountainswithin the vicinity of Gwadar under siege. But it fell flat to draw any attention as the world is becoming awareof the failure of this project.  He added, other than the Pakistani and Chinese companies, none of the foreign companies participated which proves the fact that the invaluable sacrifices of Baloch and struggle of the nation dragging these projects, which are a matter of life and death for the Baloch nation, towardstheir predestined fate of failure.  He further added, Gwadar Port or CPEC is a scheme to settle millions of non-Baloch in Balochistan which is a conspiracy to turn Baloch into a minority on their own native land and to perpetuate subjugation and exploitation of their natural resources.

The Baloch national leader Dr Allah Nazar stated that Pakistan is engaged in a sinister design to destroy us. Only a Free Balochistan can ensure the survival of Baloch as a nation on this earth. And this is the embodiment of the spirit engraved into Baloch psyche that drives Baloch to be active inthe cause of national liberation.

He concluded that those federalists who want to be part of Pakistan are in fact oblivious to the reality for the sake of power and they are destined to be declared as traitors of Baloch nation in the future.