Chinese ambassador’s statement is ridiculous. Gwahram Baloch

Quetta(Sangar News) Gwaharm Baloch, the Spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front condemned the recent statement of Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing to Pakistan. Chinese ambassador in his exclusive interview with BBC stated that Baloch freedom fighters are not real citizens of Pakistan. In the reaction of this statement of Chinese Ambassador, Gwaharm Baloch said, “there is no question of being real, or non-real; Baloch freedom fighters are not Pakistani at all, and they are fighting a war of freedom against Pakistan's occupation of their country, Balochistan.” He added, “This continued struggle is directed by Baloch nation against Pakistani occupation; this is as simple as that but Chinese ambassador has failed to grasp it.”

Gwaharm Baloch also said, “It is utterly ridiculous when Chinese ambassador utters that Baloch struggle is not a threat to Pakistan, China and CPEC project.”

Gwaharm Baloch stated that days are gone when imperialist powers could mislead the public opinion under the guise of their exploitive and imperialistic developmental projects. He added not only Baloch nation but the entire world is well aware to the hidden imperialistic motives of China. The BLF Spokesman questioned that If Baloch struggle were not a threat to CPEC then why the world was not willing to invest despite of Pakistan and China’s lucrative offers and relentless propaganda; why recently held Gwadar Expo failed to win the attentions of the world?

Gwaharm Baloch remarked that China had then made a blunder to ignore the Baloch national struggle and its national interest; and collaborated with Pakistan on exploitive projects like CPEC. He cautioned Chinese government, “there is still time for China to immediately withdraw from failed CPEC project and avoid further losses,because Baloch nation for national liberation wouldn't deter from any sacrifice for the protection of every inch of their motherland; and the sacrifices of last two decades made by Baloch warriors and political activists are the proof of this unwavering struggle”.