BLF fighters attack ISI backed Jihadist Kaamu’s vehicle in Panjgoor. Gwahram

Quetta (Sangar News) Gwaharm Baloch, the spokesman of Balochistan Liberation Front(BLF) claimed the responsibility of today's attack on Kashmir Rally at Chitkan area of Panjgur. He said that state sponsored agent Kamran alias Kaamu vehicle was targeted with remote control bomb in which Kamran Kaamu’s brother Salman son of Ismail died on spot while Kamran, Umer Khan, Shahbazand his other bodyguards were critically injured in the attack. In the result of attack three passerby civilians received injuries, and Gwaharm Baloch expressed his solicitude for them.  However he added, we had admonished people to avoid from going near security forces, Pakistani paid agents and other religious terrorists; those are in our prime target.

Kamran aka Kaamu is operating a death squad. He is the right hand of Jihadi terrorist ShafiqMengel who is an ISI sponsored religious terrorist involved in abduction and killing of Baloch political and social activists, attacking of NATO oil tankers, training and sending Jihadi terrorists to Kashmir. ShafiqMengel in person went to Afghanistan and Kashmir for so-called Jihad, led by Pakistani intelligence agencies, ISI and MI. He along with SirajRaisani, the brother of AslamRaisani, the Ex-chief Minister of Occupied Balochistan are involved in targeted killing of Hazara Shia and abduction of Hindu businessmen in Balochistan.

Balochistan Liberation Front spokesman claimed that Kamran alias Kaamu was escorted by Pakistani security forces; and he had a bands of personal bodyguards who are foreigners— probably Islamic extremist terrorists that had the full support and protection of Pakistan’s Army and its intelligence agencies. There is no doubt Pakistan is directly involved in promoting religious extremism in Balochistan and outsourcing its terrorist elements into neighboring countries India, Afghanistan and other parts of the world. Haqqani network, Quetta Shura, Jamaith-u-Dawa and other religious groups are operating under the aegis of Pakistan. International terrorist Hafiz Saeed who is wanted in Mumbai attacks, is in protection of Pakistan’s Army; and openly rants about carrying terrorist activities in Indian territory. Recently, Trump Administration decided to freeze the economic aids to Pakistan which failed to take action against Haqqani network and its affiliates targeting US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.  Afghan government time and again categorically chastised and raised its finger towards Pakistan for backing terrorist activities in Afghanistan.

Gwaharm Baloch, BLF spokesman clarified that Pakistan has no interest or in love with Kashmiri people, like Balochistan it needs their land only. If Kashmiri in true sense love their lands, at first they must analyze the colonial position of Balochistan where cruel and barbaric Pakistani colonial forces carry orgy operations on daily basis; after that, they may think of chanting slogan: Kashmir bane ga Pakistan ( Kashmir is to be Pakistan). Therefore the purpose of such pseudo rally for Kashmir or observing Kashmir day is clearly to promote religious terrorism in the region through its proxies and paid agents likes Kamran Kaamu and others.

Gwaharm Baloch also claimed that Baloch guerrilla fighters of Balochistan Liberation Front attacked army camp in Pogansh area of Shahrak, district Kech. A mortar shell fired by Baloch Sarmschars hit an army buttress destroying it completely. The exchange of fire continued for one hour and Pakistani forces suffered heavy losses in this attack. This camp was established to protect the Workers of Frontier Work Organization(FWO), an army led Construction Company, working on CPEC road. Gwaharm Baloch stressed such attack would continue till the liberation of Balochistan.